Game-Changer: Rough Country's New 4" Jeep ZJ Kit Offers More Parts for Less

An overview of Rough Country's new 4" Series II Suspension Lift for Jeep ZJ. Featuring Upper and Lower Control arms, front and rear.

Rough Country Suspension Systems announced today, an exciting new addition to the Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup. The new '93 - '98 4" Series II Suspension Lift Kit for Jeep ZJ boasts a more than impressive list of components designed to make sure you get everything you need in one package and at a great price. A set of front and rear lifted coil springs help level the vehicle and provide a mean looking 4" of boosted ride height, giving you the necessary clearance for all your off-road endeavors. In addition, this kit comes with front sway-bar links, front and rear sway-bar brackets, bump-stop extensions, and a rear track bar bracket. A set of four Hydro 8000 shocks are included with an upgrade to Nitro 9000 shocks available for $25.

However, most notably this 4" Jeep Grand Cherokee Lift Kit features front and rear upper and lower control arms - a feature you won't often find on a kit like this, much less at this price! Utilizing all eight control arms in this way eliminates drive shaft vibration and keeps your steering geometry and alignment correct. The rear upper control arms keep pinion angles at the optimum degree after lifting, thus eliminating the need for a transfer case drop, thereby providing additional clearance - you won't see features like this in other ZJ kits! This Series II kit retails for $599.95 and is available by ordering online or by phone at 1-800-222-7023.

Formed in early 1970's, Rough Country Suspension® Products was a founder of the off-road industry and is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and marketers of lifted suspension packages and off-road accessories for 2wd and 4wd trucks and SUVs. Rough Country Suspension® Products is owned by Heckethorn Products® which boasts a rich history in the automotive aftermarket, including the invention of the first steering stabilizer for military Jeeps in the 1950s. As a complete supplier, Rough Country Suspension Products offers retailers, wholesalers, and consumers an opportunity to purchase easy to install off-road products the market is demanding.

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