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Galewood University Celebrates Global Distance Learning Week

Galewood University will celebrate Global Distance Learning Week (GDLW) to give recognition and honor exceptional and influential l leaders, educators and administration for their achievements and devotion towards distance learning, beginning from th

"Global Distance Learning Week is an opportunity for universities all across the globe to pay a tribute to individuals who have put all their efforts and worked vigorously to guide and educate learners through online education," said President of Galewood University

More than 5 million students took at least one online class in summer and fall session of 2013, according to the Babson Survey Research Group survey of 2013. At present, the number of students enrolled in at least one online course is 8,000. These students are from different states and countries, coming from various cultural backgrounds to pursing their masters, bachelors or certificate programs from Galewood University

"As nurses face continuous, chaotic changes in health care, Galewood University is educating them with solution online to meet those daily challenges by providing them an excellent academic course online," said clinical nurse education specialist at the Galewood University and Galewood University student shared . "I' am glad that Galewood is celebrating those individual who made learning so easy for the students, GDLW is a great platform to recognize these individuals for making online learning a truly exciting and fantastic experience"

Distance learning has exponentially grown throughout the years and Galewood University has been a pioneer and a leader of distance learning. In an effort to create greater awareness of distance learning and to recognize exceptional leaders and best practices in the field, Galewood University founded GDLW.

"We encourage all universities, institutions and organizations to celebrate Global Distance Learning Week, an annual tradition made possible by Galewood University" Presidents of GDLW
"It's the perfect time to take part in live sessions and events with experts who shape educational gaming, the virtual classroom online support and much more. It's an international event you simply cannot miss!"

Global Distance Learning week is a great initiative seeks to celebrate the tremendous growth and happenings occurring today in distance learning education, while showing appreciation to those who make an ineradicable mark in the field of online Education and with students.

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Galewood University is internationally accredited by ABIOE (Accreditation Board for International Online Education) that gives global recognition to our university. The accreditation by ABIOE is a sign that Galewood University has maintained high standard of imparting education, has the renowned faculty required and the curriculum that will be used to educate our students.

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