Galactic Fruit Wars Now Available On Android

One-man independent games development studio, Jazzlebags Games, announces today the launch of a new space shoot-em-up for Android phones, Galactic Fruit Wars.

Galactic Fruit Wars is available now for free from Google Play and has you blasting through waves of invaders as you defend against deadly intergalactic fruit aliens.

In this new arcade action space shooter you are the top gun in star command's pineapple attack fleet. Your mission is to eliminate the enemy, from attack oranges, lemons and limes, to the banana fighters, crazy melon warriors and everything that the fruit universe can throw at you. So, man up, bring the pain and go mix it with the enemy. Good luck, get angry and save the galaxy!

"Jazzlebags Games has been building apps for the Android platform for a year now and we decided to bring some classic arcade action with this space shoot-em-up," says Andy Watson, the man behind the studio. "However, as is always the case with Jazzlebags Games we've added a twist - and this time it's lemon flavoured. With loads of level to work through, our fans are in for a treat with this one. Start out easy with the 'Tropically Crushed' beginner mode and work your way through the citrus invasion, watermelon warriors, bananageddon, fruit frenzy alpha, and more. Thin your a tough old fruit? Then you need to check out 'Bad Apple' mode, which will be a challenge for even the most hard core gamer."

With some spare time over the last year, a bit of curiosity, no experience of game development and no perception of the impossibility of the task, Andy Watson has been developing Android apps in his spare time and launching on the Google Play store. This is his 11th game from Jazzlebags Games.

Download Galactic Fruit Wars for free from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jazzlebags.fruitwars

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