MP Public Relations Launches Delivering Personal Injury Cash Advances for Plaintiff's

Our Non-Recourse Advances can help your clients who are having financial difficulties. launches delivering Personal Injury Cash Advances for Plaintiff's and their Attorney's for cases in California. Fund Capital America is the west coast's premier cash advance company serving the needs of personal injury attorney's and their clients.

When a plaintiff gets into Personal Injury Accident and their life turns upside down. What do you do to pay your Living Expenses?

We have successfully funded thousands of cases. We use our over fifty years of experience, to carefully review each case and determine the appropriate amount to advance without encumbering the case. We look forward to help with the cash advance needs of your case.

Who can apply for lawsuit financing?

Plaintiffs, potential plaintiffs represented by an attorney are eligible to apply for personal injury cash advances. Fund Capital America provides pre-settlement lawsuit financing to plaintiffs. Repayment of monies advanced is contingent on you winning or settling your case. If you do not win or settle the case, no repayment is due to Fund Capital America.

Through our "Advance as you need it, when you need it contracts", Fund Capital America provides post-settlement funding to plaintiffs who have recently settled their cases, but have not yet received payment. Fund Capital America advances up to 50 percent of net settlement fees in any settled case, regardless of the type of case, a small monthly fee is charged. Individuals under 18 years of age are not eligible for cash advances.

Does lawsuit financing work like a traditional loan?

No. Fund Capital America lawsuit financing is not a loan. Unlike a traditional loan, you will have to repay Fund Capital America if you settle or win your lawsuit. If you lose your case, you and your client will owe nothing.

Are there any fees to pay up front with Fund Capital America lawsuit financing? Will there be monthly payments?

There are no up front fees or monthly payments associated with Fund Capital America's cash advances. Any payments due to Fund Capital America, including plaintiff funding in both pre-settlement and post-settlement lawsuit financing, are due at the time plaintiff or attorney receives a settlement or award.

How long does it take to receive a Personal Injury Cash Advance?

Once a pre-settlement advance has been approved, Fund Capital America can make funds available within 48 hours. For post-settlement "Advance as you need it, when you need it contracts", advances are available as soon as settlement information is verified and the funding agreement is signed and returned.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents:

Auto Accidents
Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Boat Accident
Pedestrian Accidents
Spinal Cord Injury
Swimming Pool Accidents
Dog Bites
Wrongful Death
Slip and Fall
Premise Liability
Brain Injury
Burn Injury
Animal Attacks
Drunk Driver Accidents

Fund Capital America is one of the few financing companies that offers a plaintiff who have suffered personal injuries and have pending lawsuits or potential claims the opportunity to receive a cash advance before their case is resolved. Often times after an unexpected accident, wages may are lost, daily living expenses and medical expenses continue to pile up creating an overwhelming financial burden to the victim and their immediate family.

Fund Capital America steps in and assists you to get the necessary funds by providing litigation financing, plaintiff lawsuit funding, and lawsuit cash advance. We provide PRE-SETTLEMENT & POST- settlement funding to PLAINTIFFS and ATTORNEYS.

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Call 310-424-5176 x 225 for more information or email info(at)FundCapitalAmerica(dot)com.

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