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Fun and Flavorful Uptown Gourmet Popcorn for All Occasions Offered at UptownPopcorn.com

Uptown Popcorn is in the business of surprising customers with tasty gourmet popcorn in various flavors that make conventional movie watching or any occasion extra special.

Popcorn has become the perpetual snack partner for moviegoers or sports event watchers. Even in informal parties and events, popcorn is a ubiquitous snack, amusing everyone with its crunch and traditional flavors. Americans, arguably one of the biggest consumers of popcorn, eat roughly 17.3 billion quarts of popcorn each year. While the avid popcorn-munching public seems to settle for the usual flavors, it doesn't hurt to add that extra zing so that the favorite snack can become more interesting than ever.

Uptown Popcorn is a gourmet popcorn store that has set itself apart by creating clever and more importantly, delicious popcorn flavors. Starting with a single store in North Texas, to now operating three Texas locations and serving a bevy of national customers online, Uptown Popcorn is dedicated to giving customers a fun, tasty experience with the best flavored popcorn around.

Detailed at UptownPopcorn.com, the popcorn authority is all about inventing new recipes for different seasons and taking customer suggestions to create exciting new flavors. Aimed at serving and building relationships with popcorn lovers of all kinds, Uptown Popcorn is committed to providing a fun and delicious experience for customers.

Uptown gourmet popcorn gifts from UptownPopcorn.com go beyond the ordinary, with so many flavors to choose from or custom ordered, specially mixed and matched to meet the desires of the recipient. To perfectly match the extraordinary popcorn gift, customers can explore great ways to perk up their snack gifts with creative tins.

UptownPopcorn.com popcorn tins come in sporty style, such as NFL, NCAA, NBA and MLB designs. Seasonal popcorn tin styles are also available for the favorite goody to blend in with the holidays or for other occasions such as birthdays. Those who want it simple and traditional can go for the mini, small, medium and large gift boxes. For customers who want their very own masterpieces on their popcorn tins can also choose their style and build a tin with up to three of their favorite Uptown Popcorn flavors.

To learn more about the decadent popcorn treats from Uptown Popcorn, please http://www.uptownpopcorn.com/ for information on flavor varieties and orders.

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