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FUE Treatment - Important Procedure Of Hair Transplantation

FUE treatment procedure of hair transplantation begins with the local anaesthetic that is applied to the recipient and the donor regions.

The patient could be administered a relaxant like the Valium, before commencing the procedure. Then, the donor region hair is then cut short, prior to the treatment. The individual grafts that comprise of 1, 2 or 3 hair follicles then are removed individually from the donor region through small precision instruments.

Then depending on the hair thickness, the graft just measures about 0.65 mm and 0.75 mm. also, the grafts are placed in a special solution that keeps them sterile, while comprising substances for supporting healing and implantation.

The latter stage is in creating implantation openings at the recipient region by using precision instruments that are similar in the shape of that which is being used for removing grafts. Also, the openings are quite small, being around 0.65 mm and 0.75 mm for the grafts to fit appropriately.

Moreover, the treatment duration varies, however, as a general thumb rule, the treatment of around 1000 grafts might take about 6 hours. In case, the procedure needs above 1000 grafts, then the entire treatment could cover more than 2 to 3 days. Moreover, some after would be needed following the treatment, which includes specially formulated wash, an antiseptic ointment and probably antibiotics.

The patient might be required to restrict their physical activities for faster recover. However, they can resume their regular activities after 3 days of the treatment. They also would be required to wear a hat for 3 to 5 days. There could be some small swelling at the treated region and scabs could form. But, this is likely to heal soon and the person would experience new hair growth.

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