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FUE Treatment For Hair Loss

The hair transplantation surgery is the best and permanent solution for both common baldness and pattern baldness.

These days both men and women suffer from massive hair loss, hair thinning and baldness. Baldness especially at a very young age is an embarrassing situation for many. Though there are several temporary solutions to cure baldness and hair loss, in order to get a permanent cure, hair transplantation is the only choice that gives everlasting results.

Hair transplantation is usually done by removing hair follicles from denser growing parts and harvesting or placing them on the affected areas or areas of scanty hair growth. In most cases, this procedure is used to treat men who suffer from pattern baldness, but at times it can also be used for treating women who suffer from massive hair loss.

Hair loss occurs due to various problems such as dandruff, weak roots, improper diet, hormonal imbalance, genetic composition etc. Hair transplantation is the best method to treat hair loss problems and gives positive results. Today more and more people, especially those who suffer from premature baldness adopt this method of treatment.
As this is a surgical procedure, prior consultation with a specialist is advisable before undergoing the treatment. Hair transplantation involves transferring grafts containing hair follicles from the donor site and harvesting them onto the recipient site or the bald area.

There are two methods of Hair transplantation procedures - they are Strip Method or FUT and Follicular Unit Extraction method or FUE. Of the two, the Follicular Unit Extraction method is the most advanced technique for restoration of hair. This procedure is revived from antiquity.

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