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FrostByte Media Announces BOWFIRE'S "Holiday Heart Strings" Tour Schedule

Bowfire a one of kind musical experience is preparing to launch their "Holiday Heart String Tour" this November.

- scheduled holiday performances starting November 28 to December 22

Toronto, ON-FrostByte Media Inc.- BOWFIRE, a one of a kind musical and theatrical experience which strings together one show-stopping hit after another in a fast paced theatrically staged production is preparing to launch their "Holiday Heart Strings Tour". The first of a number of scheduled performances will kick off at the Sunshine Theater in Fort Pierce, Florida November 28th and wrapping up December 22 at the Sandler Center of Performing Arts in Virginia Beach, Virginia

BOWFIRE Holiday Heart Strings mixes greatest hits with a holiday twist! Where one can celebrate the festive season with some of the world's greatest fiddlers and violinists in many genres, with stepdancing like you have never seen. Get ready for a Ho Ho Ho Down! Holiday Heart Strings includes all time favorite classics, such as The Nutcracker Suite, Sleigh Ride, So This Is Christmas, Dreydl, Dreydl, Dreydl, and The Christmas Song, with added singing as well as the best of BOWFIRE that audiences have come to love.

Colorado's Symphony Maestro Scott O'Neil says, "In a world full of pop shows that seem so similar to each other, BOWFIRE stands out as unique and absolutely top-drawer! More than merely a concert of well-chosen selections, this is really a SHOW, which moves and inspires as much as it entertains".

"BOWFIRE does for strings what the Lord of the Dance did for Irish dancing"- The Toronto Star

This must see performance is the "gift of great music wrapped up with a bow"

BOWFIRE returns to the stage on the 20th of February in Johnston, Pennsylvania to head up their 2013 tour schedule. For a complete listing of Bowfire upcoming scheduled performances click here

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