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Since the time of its inception Jaeger Lecoultre has made some breakthroughs in technology and designing alike to make it one of the top most contenders in the world of watches.

Since the time of its inception Jaeger Lecoultre has made some breakthroughs in technology and designing alike to make it one of the top most contenders in the world of watches. It is hard to miss out its name when you talk of innovation and style combined. Jaeger Lecoultre still hasn't had enough with surprising the world and is still coming with new watch marvels like the Atmos.

Jaeger Lecoultre, a luxury watch brand from Switzerland, has it all when it comes to the quality and style and most of all the luxury touch. With its founding in 1833 by Antoine Lecoultre the company has travelled a great distance to keep making it to the headlines even today. The millionmeter, capable of measuring the thousandth part of a millimetre to the automatic ultra thin perpetual watch launched recently this month, where the entire watch has a thickness of just 9.2 mm, it has been a long journey for this luxury brand to make it to the top most position of the most coveted watch brands.

The company broke all its past records of watch making when it came with the idea of prodigious slimness and launched its Master Thin Ultra Perpetual Watch. Not only was the make commendable but the style to accompany the watch was truly breathtaking. Sophisticated watch making is another benchmark that the company has achieved in the past and proposes to achieve to yet greater degrees in the coming few months with yet some breakthrough designs and technology.

This leading watch company is celebrating the occasion of 50 Golden years of women being at the Harvard Business School by a facebook quiz which has been named as the Hybris Mechanica that is supposed to mean a key that would unlock the doors to the secret that lies hidden behind them. Done with its newest watch collection, Jaeger Lecoultre after celebrating over 150 years of success, is out with a quiz that would take you through a voyage of discovery of the ten watches that have made it to the pages of history. Every successive question related to each of the great watches, will ultimately lead to the greatest of all watches that have been gifted to the watch world by Jaeger Lecoultre. It was not just the eve of an International event, the Women's Day but an opportunity for Jaeger Lecoultre to come out and bring some of its marvels back to the light. But more than this, Zahra Kassim-Lakha, representing Jaeger Lecoultre as the Global strategy and UK market Director,, expressed her delight at the fact that on the occasion of the International Women's Day and also 180 glorious years of the brand, the company is coming out with an exclusive range of watches only for women. The line of watches would be known as Rendez-Vous.

Jaeger Lecoultre, the high end watch manufacturers have also remained on the high end of the affairs when it has come to technological revolutions and creating a novelty. In collaboration with Hermes and Cristalleries de St. Louis, Jaeger Lecoultre has come out with another marvel, Atmos which is a limited edition clock; it surely is going to take your breath away when you find it suspended midway in open air. This has been the outcome of the expertise of three of the greatest watch companies of all times. The handcrafted crystal sphere has some real technique working within it to bring out something that is so awesome.

The journey for the company from the time of its inception has been on the up and up and so is expected of it in the coming years. There is no stopping Jaeger Lecoultre from becoming the best luxury watch brand for watch critics and collectors alike. Further More Info :

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