From Output Assessment to Impact Evaluation: Results Based Management in External Cooperation in Accordance with the Aid Effectiveness Agenda

The European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law invites Programme Managers, Project Managers, Experts and Professionals responsible for managing international, multinational, European and bilateral programmes and projects to the annual seminar for ex

On an international level, the call for results in development cooperation is represented by the Aid Effectiveness agenda, culminating into the high level conference in Busan. This trend is supported at European level through the new rules for EU Funds in the programming period 2014-2020 which emphasize the principle of managing for results throughout the whole project lifespan.

Results orientation in programme and project management means the introduction of a new management approach: the Results Based Management (RBM). However, the practical implementation of RBM creates many difficulties and raises questions:

• How to implement a Results Based Management System in practice

• What are the advantages of Theory of Change

• Is it possible to link finance and results directly

• What are the most suitable tools for achieving results and under what conditions

This practical two-day-seminar will be guided by key experts form the following organizations:

• UNDP, Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina

• UNESCO, Evaluation Section

• German Development Institute, Bi- and Multilateral Development Cooperation

• ESF Agency Flanders, Strategy, Innovation, Evaluation and Methodology, Belgium

Participants will have the chance to learn learn about key organisational and interventional aspects which arise when implementing Results Based Management for programmes and projects. Under the key topics that will be discussed will be:

- how to meet the requirements towards a more results oriented use of development aid;

- how to manage practical challenges of introducing Result Based Management as a donor and as a recipient of aid;

- how to report and classify results correctly and comprehensible;
how to use tools such as Logical Frameworks, Theory of Change, Output Based Financing and Outcome Mapping to shape interventions;

- how closely is the project implementation linked with evaluation of project results;

- what are the differences in the use of core sector indicators in bi- and multilateral donor organizations;

- what are the key features of measuring to improve results;
how to use a comprehensive Results Based Management

Further information and the application form are available in the programme of the "Results Based Management: from Output Assessment to Impact Evaluation" seminar:


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