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From Bare Boats to Crewed Yacht Booking with Phuket Charter Boat launches opportunities to sail between Thailand locations, offering luxury motor yacht charters for foreign visitors. launches opportunities to sail between Thailand locations, offering luxury motor yacht charters for foreign visitors. The company has extended its charter services to Phuket, a highly prolific touristic node.

Phuket Charter Boat provides day trips to Phuket and to a diversity of destination within the country's vast and diversified territory. Visitors can pick one of the many sailing itineraries and enjoy what Thailand has to offer. Antone can now take trips to natural wilderness spots but also to resorts and fishing villages that were otherwise inaccessible. Because so many of Thailand 's beautiful spots and treasures are located on islands, boats are the only way to incorporate these into one's trip.

The Phuket yacht day trips are an alternative to exhausting travels or to sojourns that do not offer much diversity. Phuket Charter Boat has 8 years of experience in running charters and offers its services to small groups and families and anyone interested in cruising and sailing or simply in reaching unique and remote locations. Crews on board include cooks who will prepare meals for the entire duration of the journey.

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Tourists looking for a cruising escapade can now simply hire a charter boat from Phuket and experience more than most touristic programmes would normally include. The service grants access to private beaches and bays and ensures that one will experience Phuket in a most safe manner.

The company provides Phuket Day Charters, Bareboat Charters, Motor Yacht Charters and Sail Boat Charters. The Phuket crewed yacht charters take tourists to snorkelling or scuba diving locations and to uninhabited islands around Phuket. These trips are suitable to tourists looking for adventure and for a luxury service. Some of the destinations to access are Phang Nga, Phi Phi or Koh Racha the Coral Island. Charters are also reaching the tropical beaches on the west coast.

Visitors interested in sailing in Phuket can select the type of boat that suits them best from the available range. On the website they can view the featured charters with detailed descriptions. PhuketCharterBoat.Com presents a fleet of motor yachts, superior yachts, catamarans and mono hull sailing yachts. Navigation is ensured by fully licensed boat captains who know the locations very well and who speak good English.

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Phuket Charter Boat is a motor yacht hire and crewed sail company founded by Captain Wyn Davies. Its activity began in Koh Lanta and now has extended its services to Phuket.

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