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Fresh Store Builder Offers Software and Tools for Online Shop Setup for Residual Income

Fresh Store Builder lets Amazon Associates quickly and easily create their own Amazon Store to make money without having to buy stock, process orders or deal with customers.

For any webpreneur wanting to make it big, getting connected with a highly reputable online merchant provides a sure shortcut to success. Amazon, the biggest and one of the most successful online retail shops by far, provides affiliates with marketing benefits through the Amazon Associate program.

In most cases, however, entrepreneurial minds who want to give Amazon Associates a try will have to understand and go through all the technical jargon and issues that come with developing an Amazon shop of their own. More often than not, basic or advanced setup training which costs hundreds of dollars will have to be acquired.

Fresh Store Builder is the innovative answer to anyone wanting to have an Amazon Store via the Amazon Associate Program. Equipping clients with the automatic store building tool, the company helps anyone build beautiful, money earning Amazon shops in minutes.

Ashish from India who runs Weight Loss Total online shop as an Amazon associate, thanks Fresh Store Builder: "It is one of the best products I have come across in this hyped up world of Internet Marketing . . . I can firmly say that this is the definitive solution for creating a long term associate income."

Detailed at, Fresh Store Builder gives the world's most advanced Amazon software for website building, coupled with the step-by-step guide on how to build an online money making empire in a simple yet effective fashion. The offer is perfect for beginners and professionals alike who want an online income by being an Amazon Associate.

Using Fresh Store Builder, Amazon associates can create their own niche Amazon Store using only the products they want. In fact, it is the only solution allowing Amazon Associates to customize everything from their category structure to the product information, creating a 100% unique website that search engines will love.

Notably, Fresh Store Builder complete integration with Amazon, allowing the online retail giant to take care of the orders, charge the customers and even ship the products. Amazon Store owners simply bank up to 15% from every order.

To learn more about the Amazon shop building made easy and hassle-free, please visit for information.

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