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Fresh Healthy Vending Seeks San Diego's Worst Workplace Coffee

Leading healthy vending machine company launches online contest to place a free coffee vending machine in San Diego organization

Fresh Healthy Vending, the leading healthy vending machine company in the United States, has launched an online contest that calls for self-submitted entries of San Diego's worst workplace coffee for a chance to win Fresh Healthy Vending's gourmet coffee vending machine.

Open to organizations within San Diego County, the contest opens on November 19,2012 and the winner will be announced on February 1, 2013. Entries must include a one-page submission on why their workplace coffee is the worst, and what having a new gourmet coffee vending machine will mean for their employees.

"As any business can attest to, coffee is the lifeblood of the office, which is why it's crucial that employers offer quality coffee to their employees. We want to help deserving organizations in the San Diego area upgrade their standard kitchen coffee pot and old, burnt coffee to gourmet specialty coffee drinks at the touch of a button," said Dan Negroni, CEO of Fresh Healthy Vending. "With the average employee drinking 2 cups of coffee a day, employees deserve something fresh and healthy to help them be productive, energized and happy throughout the work day."

Made with its own specialty blend of fair-trade, organic coffee exclusively made for Fresh Healthy Vending Cafe machines by San Diego-based Cafe Moto , the machine grinds whole beans, extracts espresso, froths milk and disposes of used grinds in fewer than 40 seconds. Employees can enjoy gourmet coffee specialty drinks like French Vanilla Lattes, Espresso, Cappuccinos and more. In addition, the machine features a selection of healthy, natural snack options, such as yogurts, smoothies, fruit, vegetables, granola bars, baked chips and natural sodas.

"The new line of Fresh Healthy Vending Cafe machines saves time and money spent going to the corner coffee shop, but still lets employees enjoy the taste and quality of a gourmet cup of coffee," said Negroni. "It's the perfect machine to have in offices, hospitals, business parks and more to offer gourmet coffee and a healthy snack within seconds."

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