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Freedom And Affordability. Why Motorcycles Are Australia's Choice Of Transport

As motorcycle demand, registration and useage continues to rise in Australia, media changes are occuring to adapt to the interest.

In Australia motorcycle and scooter use is growing rapidly, with City of Sydney Parking and Transport research indicating that between 2001 and 2007, national motorcycle registrations rose by more than 45%.

Individual territories and states in Australia have experienced similar rises in local demand, including Queensland motorcycle registrations more than doubling between 2001 and 2010, while car registrations only rose by 35% over the same period.

The City of Sydney research also shows motorcyclists use their bikes more often than their counterpart road users in cars. The annual vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) by the Australian registered motorcycle fleet grew at 2.8%, outpacing a lesser 1.8% VKT growth of cars and light commercial vehicles.

This continued interest and increasing demand and usage of motorcycles and scooters (especially in the larger metropolitan cities of throughout Australia) have been attributed to a number of factors. As cost conscious commuters look for more affordable transport options; lower priced, fuel efficient yet powerful motorbikes and scooters that emit less greenhouse gas than a motor vehicle, are fast becoming the preferred choice

Motorcycles are the world's most common type of motor vehicle, and one of the most affordable forms of transport. With these changes in demand, and an ever widening range of bikes, parts and accessories available across Australia, buyers and sellers now need easier ways to find them.

Recognising these challenges for buyers and sellers, Australia's Bauer Trader Media, a division of Bauer Media Group (the world's largest magazine publisher), has now expanded into online classified advertising of motorcycles and industry related products.

According to Keith Falconer CEO of Trader - publisher of Motorcycle Trader mag and specialist boat and trucking titles, "this unique combination of print and web adds up to a richer, more user-friendly and powerful tool for both buyers and sellers."

"Pairing a specialist market leading print title like Motorcycle Trader with and offers an unprecedented degree of integration for Australia's motorcycle industry."

"Through our unique editorial, technological and advertising capabilities...we publish on any platform our customers require...the introduction of classified online advertising ensures our advertisers and consumers have every option they need."

The motorcycle you want is now easier to find, according to Keith. Complementing the related magazine title, the website offers reviews, resources and more than 2,500 items, all sortable by make/model, class, mileage, price range and sellers location.

The industry-specific database, built by industry specialists ensures highly relevant, searchable website content, says Keith. "It can be easily personalized to keep buyers interested with additional industry resources and creates an integrated advertising tool with increased reach for sellers of motorcycles and accessories."

With thousands of motorcycles already listed, as the demand continues to grow throughout Australia, Keith concludes that the new on and offline advertising opportunities of and the magazine titles will be a "perfect combination for buyers and advertisers alike".

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