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Math meatless Iwrestledabearonce have shared another brand new song from their upcoming album, 'Late for Nothing,' out Aug.

Math metallers have shared another brand new song from their upcoming album, 'Late for Nothing,' out Aug. 6 via Century Media, in the form of Firebees. The first taste was the curiously titled 'Thunder Chunky.'

Fans that pre-order the release will get the song as an instant download, since, as a society, we're all about immediate gratification. But for now, you can listen to the track and see if you like it and pre-order from there.

The album features 12 songs that mix hardcore and metal in the most progressive and gnarly of ways. 'Firebees' stings with riffage by the ton and some electronic programming, topped off by the utterly possessed and demonic vocal hurling of terrifying front woman Courtney Laplander. She inflicts the wound with her wails then proceeds to dress it with her beguiling melodic style, which she uses in much shorter supply on the track. She certainly has a unique vocal delivery.

IWABO are out of the country right now, decimating stages in Europe but they will hit the road in July as part of the All Stars Tour with Every Time I Die.
Save for an appearance on Kanye's 'New Slaves' and Tyler, The Creator's 'Wolf' album Frank Ocean's been relatively quiet as of late. Though he said he was "10,11″ songs deep into his follow-up to his award-winning debut 'Channel Orange' earlier this year we haven't heard much from the OF crooner.

However fans are getting their first taste of his new material via a video of a recent performance of his in Munich, Germany. Check out the fan footage of the impressive new songs below.
Huntress have one of the more anticipated new albums of the summer, with 'Starbound Beast' set to drop this coming Tuesday (July 2), but before the new disc arrives in stores there's one more item that's sure to whet your appetite. The band has just unleashed the trailer for their upcoming 'Zenith' video and the brief clip looks pretty bad ass.

The snippet of the upcoming video, seen above, is like a black light poster come to life with several scantily clad but robed women gathering around a statue. Interspersed in this imagery are silhouetted versions of Huntress' band members preparing to rock before the action cuts back to the shrine where a high priestess enters the fray. What does it all mean? We'll have to wait, hopefully not too long, to see. The Phil Mucci directed clip is expected to arrive soon.

As previously stated, Huntress' 'Starbound Beast' album is due this coming Tuesday (July 2) and can currently be pre-ordered via iTunes and Amazon. 'Zenith' follows in the footsteps of the already previewed 'Blood Sisters' and 'I Want to F- You to Death.' The latter track was co-written by Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister.

Huntress will be performing songs from the new album all summer long at the Mayhem Festival and fans can also see them play at a number of "off-date" performances as well. For those shows, check the itinerary below.
Before Mac Miler was christened with the dubious (and undeserved) title of "frat rapper" there was Asher Roth. Hailing from Atlanta by way of Philly, Roth saw huge success with his single "College" and then fell into relative obscurity while dealing with the ups and downs of label politics. Now a reinvigorated Roth has returned with a new offering called 'Greenhouse Effect Volume 2.'

Now in his "long hair, don't care" phase, Asher Roth wrote an open letter to fans to get them up to speed on his personal journey to rap stardom. A bump road to say the least it seems thats Roth has resolved to have fun and dow what he wants to do by any means. You can't knock that hustle at all.

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