Free Mobile App Allows Crowdsourced Crime Fighting, Suspicious Activity Reporting

Users Can Share Video, Photos, Descriptions and Exact Location of Criminal & Suspicious Activity in Real-Time with Entire User Community

The tragedy that rocked the Boston Marathon furthers the call for more resources to report, record and stay aware of criminal and suspicious activity. The recently launched crowdfynd app, a tool for lost, found and crime tip reporting, allows users to build a network of immediate awareness, including video, photos, descriptions and exact Google Map-enabled location of the event. The free mobile application and supporting website give users yet another way to "See Something, Say Something," a public safety mantra popularized after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Now available in the iTunes store, crowdfynd is the first ever mobile and web-based application that leverages crowdsourcing to help with lost, found and crime reporting. The concept is simple, effective and open to anyone with internet access or a smartphone. A community of fellow users help each other to quickly get a lost item back, locate the owner of a found item or get the word out on criminal and suspicious activity.

In the wake of an event like the Boston Marathon bombing, while first responders tend to those immediately effected, a tool like the crowdfynd app may help to more efficiently reunite people who have been separated from each other, as well as their belongings. Posting a missing person or item to the network takes only a few seconds. Once active, that post is immediately viewable by all other users and can be shared on Facebook to further the "search party" to an even larger group.

Similarly, if a user of the crowdfynd mobile app or website witnesses criminal or suspicious activity in their area, they can immediately notify the entire crowdfynd community. Those wanting more info from the posting member can use the direct message function, as well as see the exact location tied to the criminal or suspicious occurrence. Keeping the community aware of criminal and suspicious acts allows others to avoid the area and can lead to potential apprehension of those involved with the threatening activity.

"crowdfynd is a mobile-first platform," said Jay Sebben, co-founder and CEO of crowdfynd. "It utilizes the same technology that people use on a daily basis, their smartphones, to combat crime and improve life in local communities."

crowdfynd is a free app and can be downloaded immediately from the iTunes store or accessed at any time at crowdfynd will be available for Android devices by late June 2013.

About crowdfynd

crowdfynd is the first ever mobile and social application that uses crowdsourcing for Lost, Found and Crime reporting. Born in Chicago, crowdfynd is reimagining how the world disseminates information related to personal property and community safety. From a lost scarf to witnessing an act of vandalism, crowdfynd offers members an easy-to-use, socially connected platform for all their reporting needs.

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