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Free Lung Cancer Screening Offered For At Risk Individuals

NWA Lung Cancer Screening Program Will Offer Free Lung Cancer Screenings to Those At High Risk For the Disease

NWA Lung Cancer Screening Program, supported by The Center for Chest Care which is comprised of Physicians from Highlands Oncology Group (HOG), MANA and Cardiovascular Surgical Associates of NWA, will be offering free lung cancer screenings for those at high risk for lung cancer.

"Screening the right people for lung cancer within an approved multidisciplinary lung cancer screening program will have the biggest impact on cancer deaths in NWA compared to anything currently being done," Dr. Daniel S. Bradford, of HOG and The Center for Chest Care, said.

Recent research has found that lung cancer screening with low-radiation dose CT scans significantly lowers the risk of lung cancer-related death by 20 percent because of early discovery, according to the Center for Chest Care.

NWA Lung Cancer Screening Program is the only lung cancer screening program approved by the Lung Cancer Alliance in the State of Arkansas.

More than 160,000 die from lung cancer each year, making lung cancer responsible for more deaths yearly than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined, according to The Center for Chest Care.

About 228,190 new cases of lung cancer will be diagnosed in the United States in 2013, according to American Cancer Society (ACS) statistics. These new cases will result in about 159,480 deaths from lung cancer in 2013, accounting for about 27 percent of cancer-related deaths, according to the ACS.

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The Center for Chest Care was established in November 1999 when three local physicians decided that the diagnosis and treatment of cancers in the lungs and chest needed to be improved upon. As a result they formed the first community based, multidisciplinary chest cancer clinic in the United States - The Center for Chest Care. The specialists needed to diagnose and treat cancers of the lung and chest work together in the same location, at the same time. The goal of this clinic is to make the diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the lung and chest an easier process. This is done in part by eliminating multiple visits to multiple specialists scattered throughout the region. Patients appreciate the ease and convenience of having access to all of their doctors in one place. In May of 2013, The Center for Chest Care launched the NWA Lung Cancer Screening Program. Each screening CT is reviewed by the multidisciplinary team - Pulmonologist, Oncologist, Radiologist and Cardiovascular surgeon.

The Lung Cancer Screening Program is supported by hospitals and clinics throughout northwest Arkansas. The healthcare providers involved in this program believe our community deserves access to a safe and responsible lung cancer screening program. Our program is an approved Screening Center of Excellence, which insures the program utilizes national standards and provides the highest quality of care.

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