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Tune in to the No-cost Webinar series ASK THE EXPERTS I Have A Resume - Now what? November 6th from 11 AM - 12 PM Eastern

Jason Alba, founder of JibberJobber (, started a free live webinar series last month, Ask The Experts. Job seekers tuned in to find out how to write a resume that works for them. As a follow up, Alba is having Career Coach and Social Media Strategist Karen Huller of Charesume, LLC (ka rez oo may - as a guest host for the second webinar in the series November 6th webinar I Have a Resume - Now What?

Having an effective resume is critical for earning interviews, but it alone does not land you a job. In order to execute a swift, successful job transition, you also have to:
• Present a consistent brand, online and offline.
• Develop and implement a sound distribution strategy.
• Invest your time wisely.
• Avoid the common pitfalls.

Even if they are receiving unemployment benefits, job seekers lose money while they are transition. Whether they are unemployed or working, time is money and there is never enough of either. Finding a job sooner can dramatically improve income and quality of life.

"Many job seekers express having similar, frustrating experiences in their job transition. Most of the causes for these experiences are completely avoidable," Huller reports. "I was laid off twice. During the first transition, I spent 10 months spinning my wheels and being yanked around by employers who seemed to want to offer me a job, but couldn't pull the trigger. The second time, only three months after I finally landed, it only took me five weeks to land a job, and it was actually the job I wanted. As a work-at-home mom, I can relate to being busy and not having any time to waste, neither on a day-to-day basis nor in my lifetime. It is my mission to help job seekers empower themselves to make career decisions that are right for them, and learning the life skill of transitioning is the key."

Similarly, Jason Alba had his own experience with job search disappointment. It took him a lot of trial and error to understand what activities produce the best results, and that was precious time. JibberJobber was a tool that he created so that job seekers could more effectively organize and manage all of the confounding activities that are typical of an optimized career transition. Alba is also author of I'm on LinkedIn, Now What? as well as I'm On Facebook, Now What? For more free help check out his free video series at

In addition to the valuable experience Karen Huller gained by being a job seeker, she considers her experience in executive search and Information Technology recruiting invaluable to her clients. She became intimately familiar with the decision making process of various types of employers. Understanding this target audience enables her to be highly effective at branding her clients, and furthermore, teaching them how to promote themselves into a great job.

"I hope that together we can help job seekers remove resistance in their job transition momentum and gain traction fast. My goal for them is to be in-process with three to five viable opportunities within four weeks and feeling much more in control of their professional future."

Former clients have said this about the coaching that they received from Charesume, LLC:

"This new skill will assist me everyday and allows me to have confidence to conduct job searches for the rest of my career." David

"Without her assistance...I don't believe that my job search while unemployed would have only taken two months." - Larry

Huller will be sharing some of her best tips on how to shorten your job search, including where you to spend your time, how to manage your busy schedule and how to avoid getting stuck in what she calls e-pits, or the black wholes in which many job seekers send their resumes only to be disappointed by an automated response or no response at all. She will also be offering attendees 50% off access to the pre-recorded webinar, Insider Edge to Social Media: 3 Success Secrets of Getting Hired.

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Date: November 6th
Time: 11 AM - 12 PM Eastern

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