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Free Holy Huddle Webinar for Christian Small Business Owners on July 22

At no cost, Holy Huddle will be hosting a free webinar where participants will discover how to avoid the usual mistakes and best align their enterprising goals with God's calling.

Mike Saunders, a marketing expert known for offering Christ-centered business coaching and consulting services, invites interested entrepreneurs to take part in a free two-hour webinar. The online workshop is scheduled from 12:00pm to 2:00pm MST on July 22nd.

The free two-hour webinar will engage and educate small business owners to spot and avoid enterprising pitfalls that prevent God's blessings to catapult businesses to greater heights.

"How would you feel if your passions, strengths, and God's calling for your business were all perfectly aligned?" said Mike Saunders, MBA and owner of Marketing Huddle." Together we will help you discover "God's Blueprint" for your business."

In the two-hour webinar, participants will learn about the "What, Why, How" success strategy; the "Kingdom Philanthropy" or Business Tithing that can bring powerful opportunities; the process of shifting to a "kingdom-focused business" using powerful accountability; and the way to helping missionaries get to the field sooner and keep them on the field longer.

"Gaining spiritual as well as business clarity in my life is the foundation of the Holy Huddle Group Coaching program," said Saunders. "From the foundation of personal, family, health, fitness and finance to developing a Marketing Strategy & Blueprint for their business, the program will help align you to your greater purpose."

Believing that "none of the success that we can achieve together is worth anything at all without understanding our true purpose for living this life", Saunders offers a glimpse into the spiritual side of doing business. His coaching and consulting firm also runs the Holy Huddle Bootcamp, a 7-week group coaching program help like-minded business owners discover the life they were born to live and the business they were born to run.

The Holy Huddle Webinar will present the bigger picture for entrepreneurs who intend to succeed in business, without compromising the other major areas of their spiritual, relationships, physical and financial life.

"You may find that you and your company are on a journey that you may not understand the direction or destination. As a marketing coach and consultant, whether it is inspiration, motivation, ideas, or implementation, I come alongside to help you," he said.

To find out more about the upcoming Holy Huddle webinar set for July 22nd, please http://holyhuddlebootcamp.com/webinar/ for information and reserve a slot.

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