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Free Holiday Gifts from Heart Rate Watch Company!

Great news for fitness freaks and athletes! Heart Rate Watch Company is offering Free Holiday gifts worth $50 with a single purchase of Garmin 610! Offer valid till December 21, 2012.

Heart Rate Watch Company is offering different holiday gifts on a purchase of single item. One such promotion is free Garmin Cadence Sensor worth $50 with a single purchase of Garmin 610! Now you can use Garmin 610 http://www.heartratewatchcompany.com/Garmin-Forerunner-610-p/garmin-610.htm for running and the Garmin Cadence Sensor http://www.heartratewatchcompany.com/garmin-cadence-sensor-p/garmin-cadence-sensor.htm with your bike rides, both in one purchase.

For athletes and bike lovers, there could not be an option better than this, as this is time of the year, when you need to put in the maximum effort to tone your body for the holidays, and this single purchase can perfectly cater to your fitness needs.

Garmin 610, with all its features can do speed, distance, heart rate, advanced calorie computation, is perfect for your running session, and can also pair up with Garmin Cadence Sensor for cycling. In this way you can get a perfect device for your running as well as cycling needs.

Garmin 610 is Garmin's most wanted and admired product and has literally got everything that a casual athlete, a fitness freak and a real-time sportsman need to evaluate their performance and physical capabilities, and to further polish them to greater finesse and excellence. With its amazing yet strong touch screen, it can give you the best and worst of athlete's world literally at your fingertips! Moreover, its vibrating alerts are perfect to let you know when you have crossed your maximum effort. You can set alerts for pace, distance and heart rate.

Garmin Cadence Sensor can also work independently as well as can be paired with Garmin 610. Independently it can record speed, rotation per minutes and distance traveled much more accurately than the data you would get using GPS alone. Cadence is especially important in order to maximize the efficiency of your ride.

So what are you waiting for, you'll never get an offer like this! Get up and log into Heart Rate Watch Company's official website and get yourself a fitness treat this holiday season! This Holiday offer is valid till December 21, 2012.

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