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Free Google Traffic With Unique Referral Pages

New SEO service helps marketers to get highly targeted web traffic at a price anyone can afford

Turnpoint Marketing has just released their new SEO-service, called Unique Referral Pages.

The goal is to help ordinary people rank high in Google at a cost any marketer can afford. Regular SEO services charge anything from $300-$400 and up, making it impossible to use these services for most people.

This service is also a good alternative to Google Adwords, where marketers often pay $1-$2 per click at a low conversation rate.
Turnpoint Marketing builds massive referral websites which rank on Google for 1,000's of specific, high quality buyer keywords.

This is keywords people type into Google every day, to find whatever product or service our clients' offer, no matter what business they're in.

The service start off by creating 100 webpages that are each optimized for front page placement on 2-9 high quality buyer keywords each.

This is the equivalent of bidding on at least 500 keywords, but instead, showing up for the 'free' results (no PPC).

Each additional month, 100 more referring webpages are added to a different referral website, so the clients control more real estate on each front page.

Collectively, this means showing up multiple times on each front page, across literally 100's of buyer keywords that all relate to your business.

This service are unique, since all clients need is to submit some keywords and the URL they want to promote. This URL can be anything, from Clickbank affiliate links to company websites.

Hosting is included in the service, and customers are provided with sitemaps and real live stats. These sitemaps are ready to be submitted to Google Webmaster Tools.

The website has live proof, and visitors can use the examples provided to do live searches in Google Search Engine.

Turnpoint Marketing is proud to offer a low-cost service like this, with no set-up fee and a low monthly payment which the customers can cancel at any time.


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