Free Extra Chips Offers Casino Deposit Bonus

Free Extra Chips, a leading reference for casinos and online gambling is now offering a casino deposit bonus for certain qualifying online casinos

Free Extra Chips is a well known website that has information for many online casinos. They have information about the types of games that are played, as well as the sign up offers that casinos might have.

Some customers might think that they would be better searching for online casinos themselves and just paying to play the games. However, they would be putting themselves at a disadvantage.

Free Extra Chips put their customers at an advantage by offering a special offer that is limited to their website. For example, if a customer signs up to a casino and makes a deposit, they will get a bonus that is not usually available to clients that just want to sign up to the casino on their own.

This is because the specific online casino has made a deal with Free Extra Chips so that they can have special offers if they drive customers to the casino, from their website.

The casino is able to tell who qualifies for the deposit bonus by the link that the customer clicks to enter the casino. The link from Free Extra Chips will have one special text embedded inside so the client will immediately be taken to the special offer page, with the deposit bonus.

Free Extra Chips has these offers for many of the online casinos. Some will double the amount of deposited into the casino account, and others will add 10%. It all depends on the casino.

Customers are able to search for the casino with the best deposit bonus by using the Free Extra Chips website. They have special lists that feature the top ten casinos for offers.

A company spokesperson added, "We are very happy that we are able to point customers in the direction of the offers that are better value for money. We are working on forming some more relationships with online casinos, so that we can give the customers better deposit bonuses. We are also planning to offer some more reviews for casinos that we have yet to visit."

As mentioned above, the website is planning on visiting more online casinos and expanded their coverage. There are still many casinos out there that they could review so that their customers know how good the casino really is.

About Free Extra Chips

Free Extra Chips is a reference website about online casinos. They list up to the minute reviews of the best online casinos and they indicate which online casinos have the best bonuses or which places to do not require a deposit. They have a loyal online community with a very informative forum. They offer member exclusive promotions as well. Their philosophy is that they want to put customers in touch with the most reliable casinos, since the laws in the US made it difficult for casino hosts, rebranded and new online casinos are popping up all over the Internet. Members of their team have played in the majority of online casinos, so they know which one offers the best service. You can visit their website at

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