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Free E-commerce Site Builder SEOTOASTER Launches Major New Version Of Its Acclaimed Open Source Shopping Cart System

SEOTOASTER E-commerce site builder edition V2 boasts a brand new blazing fast Object Oriented Programming CMS core coupled with a professional-grade E-commerce engine.

Edition V2 of the SEOTOASTER E commerce site builder provides a brand new experience for E-commerce store owners, web designers, and developers alike.

Forget the ugly laundry list of configurable options for your web store, the painful installation of plug-ins to fix poor store performance or SEO shortcomings, or having to call your developer for the most basic content editing, product listings or widget insertion. Instead, enter a world where your shopping cart software is also an elegant content management system and a marketing platform that does multi-sites the way it should be done, as a centralized hub with any number of spokes.

Designers rejoice! You can now leave nightmarish templating systems behind and enter a beautiful world where designing store checkout pages is just as easy as any other page in the system.
A true open source CMS coupled with a professional grade E commerce website builder that leaves everything you've seen until now in the dust.

- 100% full OOP core. Everything you need is neatly organized! Code has been optimized for speed and robustness using REST API for unlimited expandability.

- Introducing one-click 5X Speed Media Server technology. Ideal for web stores featuring multiple product images, it leverages browser parallel download capabilities to accelerate website serving up to 5 times faster than other shopping carts.

- Amazing In-line product editing and listing, with point-and-click ease of use and no limits to your designer's imagination.
Built-in quote system when selling requires consulting or phone-in sales.

- Integrated merchandising and customizable reporting dashboards.
Builds mobile and tablet-ready website in a snap with a plugin.
Unique built-in product siloing technology along with micro-formatted SEO and automated landing page creation designed by the experts at SEO Samba.

- We didn't forget about the fine print: we provide a free E-commerce and website terms and conditions policy builder to keep your business and its operations protected.

V2's Brand-new E-commerce Features

******Front-end Customizable Checkout:******

- Customize your cart checkout page at will with the inline editor like with any other page. You can add videos, text, and menus around the single page checkout flow, and designers can easily build any number of templates using HTML5 and CSS3 - no developer involvement required!

- Quick weight/cart amount shipping configuration

- Provide multiple shipping providers and product choices with free shipping and/or pick-up at any of your store locations

- Provide any number of payment gateway options

- Creates client accounts automatically, and lets you set an automated email from the built-in action email facility to notify them about their private customer page with shipping tracking and PDF invoice. And we also pre-configured automated emails, so that you can hit the ground running with your new store.

******Unprecedented ease of use:******

- A true CMS with a professional grade E-commerce platform. All features in the CMS versions are available as part of the E-commerce version.

- Use the inline editor to easily select and create any number of product listing templates.

- Select individual products from thumbnail view or create lists of products by selecting tags and brands from inline editor.

- Add unlimited product options such as colors or sizes and their impact on weight and price. SEOTOASTER takes care of integrating them into your product landing pages.

- SEOTOASTER also creates search engine optimized product pages automatically on your behalf.

- Enhance product pages like any other page in your CMS: add image galleries, widgets, forms, search engines, light boxes, product zoom... anything you want! There's no limit to what your store can look like and do with SEOTOASTER.

******Built-in Quote System for Complex Sales:******

Great for complex sales like luxury, high-priced ticket items or merchants and organizations making sales over the phone. It's all built in with SEOTOASTER!

- Let your clients request a quote either directly from your product page or from the checkout page

- Customize the look and feel of your quotes like any other page with HTML/CSS templates and the inline editor

- Add any number of payment gateways to finalize sales from your custom quote page

- Create quotes over the phone - it only takes one click to customize messages and send quotes over

- Get reports on your sales success rate, debriefings on lost opportunities, and new and outstanding quotes that need your attention

******Reporting and back-office:******

- Free web analytics with 1-click deployment with a free account from the SEO Samba cloud

- Powerful graphical dashboard including executive/sales/orders/products/customers reports and views

- Easily customize your dashboard with the inline editor, or shop for premium and free dashboard themes from our marketplace

- Mass edit products in a few clicks

- Capture shipping tracking number, which your client will find directly linked to the FedEx/UPS/USPS or other carrier's website


- 100% full OOP core. We believe that SEOTOASTER V2 is the only E-commerce system that can boast such claim.


- Robust plug-in system

******We kept the amazing built-in SEO features you've come to expect from SEOTOASTER:******

- Creates micro-data formatted listings, product reviews, star ratings, and product landing pages for maximum search engine readability

- Creates product feeds automatically

- Build product silos with a point and click interface (ideal for large and diverse catalog SEO)

- Automated headers/URLs/H1/navigation optimization

- Automated 301 redirection

- Automated URL canonicalization

- Automated smart deep-linking

****** With a premium subscription to SEO Samba, you gain access to the most advanced multi-site E-commerce platform ever built:******

- Host your sites anywhere-from different IP addresses, different servers, countries, and continents-all managed from one place.

- Build SEO and URL rules tailored to your store's portfolio optimization objectives.

- Build Meta descriptions that drive click-throughs with dynamic promo pricing insertion and other innovative functions.

- Total control via fine-grained and single click automated execution.

- Create optimized links across your entire portfolio of websites.

- Build any number of niche sites from a general catalog. SEO Samba keeps it synchronized while preserving worked-over content or niche-specific pricing, promos and other data.

- Build network-wide widgets and broadcast them instantly to your network of sites: offers, ads, text, script, links, etc...

- Optimize and distribute automatically information over to Google Webmasters, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, TheFind, and other similar services.

- Automatically distribute unlimited press releases to 210,000 journalists and 265,000 bloggers.

- Manage your website's network news from a centralized interface, then aggregate networked news and construct newsletters in a single click.

Rest assured that when you need a strategy, some guidance, or are short on staff to build up your social, PR and off-site credentials, you can opt for our comprehensive yet cost-effective and hands-off Internet marketing solution. Adding SEO Samba's expert managed SEO services costs only $299 a month and provides a solution to your organization's needs.

And wait, there's even more than meets the eye when you're running a web agency...

Imagine you could have gotten in on the ground floor when WordPress took off, and that you currently got sales commissions on every plug-in for each person you've introduced to the system. Sound great? While it's too late for Wordpress, you can get on board with the latest generation of Internet marketing-oriented CMS and get ongoing commission revenues from the growing pool of users adopting SEOTOASTER.

All of the above for your entire client roster, plus:

- Get a percentage for each plug-in leased or purchased by customers you introduced to SEOTOASTER

- Private label with your brand both SEO Samba and your network of SEOTOASTER websites

- Register customers and provide access to your branded SEO Samba version from your own domain

- Get discounted access to SEO Samba and manage your pool of customers while receiving a consolidated yet detailed account statement


SEOTOASTER is the most advanced SEO CMS that can be used right out of the box, with no plug-ins required. SEOTOASTER features an uniquely intuitive content management system interface, combined with powerful automated organic search engine marketing. It is an open source CMS that is customizable at will and available for download free of charge at and extensions at SEOTOASTER is easy to use, and features complete front-end edit as you surf your website content addition and even administration. It is also remarkably fast to design or import existing websites to SEOTOASTER thanks to the use of standards: only four HTML and two CSS templates are required to build a complete theme, and it ships with a set of pre-built themes ready to power your next project, additional free websites themes can be downloaded at

Finally, SEOTOASTER is ideal for the owners of multiple websites, as it boasts an unique architecture that grows with your business and makes piloting SEO execution and marketing for multiple websites from a central automated web marketing location possible with an optional paid-for subscription to SEO Samba.

Download seotoaster here:

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