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Free Consulting and Education on Using Medical Supplies and Test Kits Offered by MCS LLC

To ensure that users are aware of the rules and regulations about clinical and technical issues about the use of medical supplies, MCS LLC offers free consultation

Using test kits and medical supplies is subject to several rules and regulations. Non adherence to these issues can create a lot of problems. Thus to ensure that users are aware of the clinical and technical issues, MCS LLC Online now offers free consultation and education.

MCS LLC Online is a part of, a trusted source for medical supplies and information. They supply several hospitals, physicians, health and wellness promotion, occupational health, military, etc.

"We are committed to providing the best customer service. As a part of this commitment, we offer on time delivery, competitive pricing, free consulting and volume discounts," says the spokesperson. Among test supplies sold by the Company include Cotinine blood test, lipids blood test, fasting cholesterol Ldx, rapid test HIV etc. These products are easy to use by staff and can be easily performed within a consultation room or within a community event.

These products can detect and prevent the onset of several diseases including heart ailments. Physicians are also greatly benefitted by use of these test supplies; they help them determine accurate information.

"The price of our kits is far cheaper than the ones available in the market. For instance, the Cholesterol LDX Lipid System that we sell for $1,849 sells for more than $2,000 in the market," adds the spokesperson.

About Health Screening Test Supplier:

Health Screening Test Supplier is a part of MCS LLC Online, a medical product distribution company. They have more than 25 years of experience in selling point of care test systems, analyzers and other medical supplies.

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