Free Cargo Tie Downs All Year - A Chance To Test Out LoopRope Tie Downs At No Cost

LoopRope, The Revolutionary Tie Down System, is giving away cargo tie downs every month for 2013! With a random drawing for free cargo tie downs every month this is good news for outdoor sportsmen or anyone eager to try these cargo tie down straps.

LoopRope, is literally giving away their revolutionary cargo tie downs for the entire year for 2013. Owner Jeff Dahl wants to give as many people as possible a chance to find new ways to use this custom tie downs system that features looped anchor points to create a cargo netting system out of one rope.

LoopRope can be applied to tie down and secure pretty much any type of cargo. The product has gained widespread popularity with outdoor enthusiasts using it as roof rack tie downs to securing items to ATV's all the way to camping organization and storage.

So, what is LoopRope giving away?
1 Hunters Combo Pack every month for 2013.
People who already have a LoopRope or two know that this cargo tie down system is much more than a simple bungee tie down strap. For those who don't have one, LoopRope is providing the opportunity to get a complete set of tie downs for FREE. Even better news, LoopRope will be giving away their most popular outdoor tie down product, the Hunters Combo Pack, every month for 2013.

What else? 1 LoopRope Twice per month every month for 2013.
For people interested in testing out the LoopRope product Sign Up Here .

People only need to sign up one time to be entered in LoopRope's monthly drawing for the entire year.

Just go to the LoopRope Giveaway Page entering a valid email is requited. Since LoopRope is running multiple giveaways right now, people will have the option to sign up for any of the other giveaways with one registration. That's 3 random selection giveaways per month!

Entries will be accepted from now until the end of 2013
Anyone who signs up to receive the LoopRope newsletter using the form on their Giveaway Page will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a FREE Hunters Combo Pack tie down system.

The Prize - 1 Hunters Combo Pack cargo tie downs with Carabiner Clips

This Outdoor Sportsman's Accessory Pack Includes:

• (1) 3ft LoopRope cargo tie down strap .

• (1) 4ft LoopRope cargo tie down strap.

• (1) 5ft LoopRope cargo tie down strap.

• (6) Stainless steel Carabiner Clips for secure fastening.

Details of Give-a-way:
Winners will be notified via email and announced on the LoopRope blog. See Complete details on the giveaway page.

For all participants of this prize give-a-way, held by LoopRope™, and who sign up for the LoopRope™ newsletter, please know that LoopRope LLC will only use email and contact information for their newsletter and give-a-way purposes. They will select winners using a random selection process.

*Hunters Combo Pack Prizes will be awarded the 1st of every month through 2013.

*The Bi-Monthly Individual Prizes will be awarded the 1st and 15th of every month through 2013.

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