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Free Book for One Day at Amazon Offers Excellent Money Making Strategies

Taking the Mystery Out of Money, a book by Lonnie Scruggs will be free for one day at Amazon. The free book is available in Kindle format on Friday, January 25, 2013. The book essentially teaches its readers how to make money work to one's advantage.

Book lovers and enthusiasts are thrilled to know that there will be a free book at Amazon on Friday, January 25, 2013. The book that will be offered up for free is by well acclaimed author and real estate investor Lonnie Scruggs who is best known for his money making strategies in mobile home investing. The book entitled, "Taking the Mystery Out of Money", normally retails at $19.95 but will be free for one day at Amazon.

The book teaches money making strategies that have been proven effective by Scruggs himself. The complete title of the book is "Taking the Mystery Out of Money: Instead of Working for Money Learn How to Make Money Work for You". The book essentially talks about making real money with mobile homes wherein Scruggs is deemed an expert. It's a 263-page book that contains case histories, examples, and plenty of money making ideas.

Topics contained in the book include how to use a financial calculator, how to use notes to buy and sell, how to buy notes in pieces, making hard money loans, retirement planning and many more. Scruggs' book goes on the notion that many people spend their lives working for money. The author teaches the techniques used by financially successful people to make money work for them and not the other way around.

Lonnie Scruggs is known as the "Father" of the used mobile home business. He was a pioneer in teaching investors how to make real profits out of used mobile houses. Scruggs used to conduct workshops to train people about mobile home investing which has significantly helped change the lives of hundreds of workshop attendees. Nowadays, Scruggs' teachings can be found in his well-written books.

Taking the Mystery Out of Money is Scruggs' newest book which offers a fantastic opportunity to learn from a great man for free. The free copy will be in Kindle format. All that will be asked in return is to provide a review of this book at Amazon.

Apart from the free book, Scruggs' two other books entitled "Deals on Wheels" and "Making Money with Mobile Homes" are both currently on sale. These two books used to retail at $19.95 each but can be bought at a sale price of $6.95 this week. Fans of Scruggs and people who simply want to learn effective money making strategies can grab this rare opportunity to spend less for books of great value.

Scruggs has only one thing to say about his book, Taking the Mystery Out of Money. "The only real difference between wealth and poverty is education. If you don't understand how money works, how can you expect to have any?" Interested parties only need to get the free book at Amazon on Friday, January 25 and start learning from a man who definitely knows how to make money work to his advantage.

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