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Fraud Risk: Offense Over Defense

Fraud Risk: Offense Over Defense will advance and utilize innovative techniques to eliminate fraud within your company.

Fraud Risk: Offense Over Defense will be a thorough training with strategic tools and tactics to increase knowledge of fraud risk within a company. Join American Leaders and an expert speaker from Fraud Auditing, Inc. in Chicago 2013.

Through examples of real world experiences and case studies, Fraud Risk examines prevention strategies and what fraud professionals need to be aware of in new trends. These insights from an industry leader of over 30 years with an extensive background in auditing and forensic accounting.

Strengthen your skills at Fraud Risk by:
-Enhancing knowledge of corruption risks
-Discovering new elements for anti-fraud programs
-Aligning programs with regulatory framework
-Improving projections by analyzing emerging issues

Meet the Speaker:
Leonard Vona
-In the industry for 30 years
-Published 2 books
-Frequent public speaker
-Developed and delivered trainings for organizations

Why attend Fraud Risk?
-prevention strategies
-learn from case studies & real examples - learn from mistakes and strengths of other firms
-what should fraud professionals prepare for in new trends
-Discussing global corruption risks - understand what foreign companies are seeing
-learn from a highly experienced trainer from the fraud industry

Leaders in the fraud industry are invited to learn from a renowned trainer how to better fraud risk practices. During this training, high-level anti-fraud leaders from major industries will be given the opportunity to examine the latest strategies and cases of fraud to learn from others' experiences.

Fraud Risk: Offense Over Defense is to be held in Chicago, Illinois, March 14-15, 2013. Participant seats are limited due to high interest of an engaging two day training. Register today to reserve a seat and boost your ability to prevent fraud!

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