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Franchise Focus Key Ingredient to Connectivity Marketing & Media's Success in Media Buying

Connectivity's growth thanks to franchise industry focus to offer not solutions across the marketing spectrum but rather as the go-to partner for franchised brands that need specialized knowledge, strength and systematic approach to their media buys

When Connectivity Marketing & Media founder, Sean Halter introduced his full-service advertising agency in 2009, he knew its success would hinge on the ability to meet the ever-changing needs of a complex, highly-competitive industry. Since that time, the agency has achieved success not as a one-stop shop that offers solutions across the marketing spectrum but rather as the go-to partner for franchised brands that need specialized knowledge, strength and a systematic approach to their national and local market media buying.

"Connectivity's experience buying media across the country and their knowledge of almost every type of traditional and non-traditional medium makes them unique makes us more efficient and effective," says Christopher Tomasso, marketing director at First Watch Restaurants. "They really dig into each local market as if they are part of that community which, is a huge resource as to us as we expand into new markets."

As one of the fastest growing media buying agencies in Florida, Connectivity's success is evidenced by its ability to not only ensure franchised brands remain relevant to consumers on the national stage, but that they are just as connected to target audiences at the local level as well.

With just the right mix of traditional, digital and experiential marketing, clients like The Melting Pot, Pabst Blue Ribbon, WWE and First Watch Restaurants among others are seeing impressive results. In addition to commonly utilized mediums, like television and radio, Connectivity encourages seamless integration of unexplored, yet complimentary, formats that range from Pandora and Google initiatives to custom-wrapped vehicles, outdoor chalk campaigns or even hand-painted murals.

"We will always evolve in order for our clients to be completely confident with any media-spend locally or nationally," says Sean Halter, CEO of Connectivity. "Our seasoned industry experts offer a utilize their specialized insight, knowledge and long-standing relationships with media partners to give clients best possible chance effectively eliminate media that would reach those customers who are not inclined to buy, giving them the best opportunity to focus their efforts on core customers from the start."

Franchisors and franchisees alike now have the individualized support they need. Franchisees can not only connect to their specified trade area, based on Connectivity's knowledge of the landscape, but they can do it in a way that supports the approved, national messaging and branding efforts of their franchisor.

The approach is working wonders not only for Connectivity's current portfolio but it's also peaking the interests of a host of new franchise businesses who continue to ask for help in furthering their footprint, localizing their efforts and ensuring they stay ever more connected to media. For more information about Connectivity, log on to or call 727-538-7774.

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