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France Mining Industry Analysis: Trends and Opportunities (2013-2018) - New Report by Daedal Research

The report titled "France Mining Industry: Sector Report" provides an in-depth analysis of the French mining industry with special focus on both metal and mineral commodities.

It also accesses the key opportunities and underlying trends in the market and outlines the factors that are and will be driving the growth of the industry in the forecasted period (2013-18). Further, key players of the industry like Rio Tinto, Umicore and Areva are profiled in the report.
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Executive Summary
The French mining industry does not compete in the metals and mining industry in either the European region or globally and it is reflected in comparatively lesser fraction of France's labor force (less than 1%) being engaged in mining activities. The production of mineral commodities in France has been declining in recent years. Metal commodities like Aluminum, Lead, Nickel is more popular in France over production of popular industrial minerals like Cement, Mica and Clays. However, in coming years industrial minerals are expected to report better growth than metal commodities.
The growth of France mining industry is driven by rise in industrialization, exploration spending, government initiatives and tariff free regulations. However, factors such as mounting raw material prices, managing risks and slow growth in end markets are affecting the growth of mining industry of France. Major trends prevailing in the market are mergers and acquisitions in the industry, new technological developments and increased investments.

Table of Contents:
1. Executive Summary

2. France Mining Industry: Overview
2.1 Industry Structure

3. France Mining Industry Value Chain Analysis

4. France Mining Industry Market Analysis

4.1 France Mining Industry Market Size by Production
4.2 France Mining Industry Market Share by Types

4.2.1 Production of Metal Commodities
4.2.2 Production of Industrial Minerals

4.3 Production of Metals by Types

4.3.1 Aluminum and Bauxite
4.3.2 Iron and Steel
4.3.3 Lead
4.3.4 Nickel

5. France Mining Industry Market Trends

5.1 New Technology development in Mining Process
5.2 Merger and Acquisition
5.3 Increased Investment

6. France Mining Industry: Growth Drivers & Challenges

6.1 Growth Drivers

6.1.1 Rise in Industrialization
6.1.2 Global Exploration Spending
6.1.3 Government Initiatives
6.1.4 Tariff Free Regulation

6.2 Major Challenges

6.2.1 Rising Metal Pricing
6.2.2 Managing Risks
6.2.3 Slow Growth in End Market

7. Macro-Environment Analysis - France Mining Sector- PEST

7.1 Political/Legal Forces
7.2 Economical Forces
7.3 Socio-Cultural Forces
7.4 Technological forces

8. Competitor Analysis: France Mining Industry

8.1 Industry Leaders

8.1.1 Business Description
8.1.2 Strategic Initiatives

8.2 Competitor Array - Assessment and Positioning
8.3 Comparables Analysis

8.3.1 Sales and Earnings Comparison
8.3.2 Ratio Analysis
8.3.3 Stock Performance

9. France Mining Industry Forecast

List of Figures:

Table 1: Mining Industry Structure
Figure 1: Production of Mineral Commodities in France, 2007-11 (Million Metric Tons)
Figure 2: Production of Mineral Commodities in France by Types (2011)
Figure 3: Production of Metal Commodities in France, 2007-11(Million Metric Tons)
Figure 4: Production of Industrial Minerals in France, 2007-11 (Million Metric Tons)
Figure 5: Production of Aluminum and bauxite in France, 2007-11 (Thousand Metric Tons)
Figure 6: Production of Iron and Steel in France, 2007-11 (Thousand Metric Tons)
Figure 7: Production of Lead in France, 2007-11 (Thousand Metric Tons)
Figure 8: Production of Nickel in France, 2007-11 (Thousand Metric Tons)
Table 2: Largest Mining Mergers & Acquisitions 2011
Figure 9: Global Exploration Spending, By Value, 2008-12 (US$ Billions)
Table 3: Precious Metal Price Trend (2011-2013)
Table 4: Specialty Metal Price Trend (2011-2013)
Table 5: Base Metal Price Trend (2011-2013)
Table 6: Mining: Key End Market Growth Rate in Europe (2013)
Figure 10: France Real GDP Growth, % Change from Previous Year (2007-2012)
Figure 11: France Wage Growth Rate, % Change from Previous Year(2007-2012)
Figure 12: French Mining Market Competitive Array
Figure 13: Sales Analysis of Leading Players in France Mining Industry
Figure 14: Income Analysis Sales of Leading Players in France Mining Industry
Table 7: Ratio Analysis of Leading Players in France Mining Industry
Figure 15: Stock Price Analysis of Leading Players in France Mining Industry
Figure 16: France Mining Production Volume Forecast , 2013E-18E (Million Metric Tons)
Figure 17: France Mining Production Volume Forecast , 2013E-18E (Million Metric Tons)
Figure 18: France Mining Production Volume Forecast , 2013E-18E (Million Metric Tons)

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