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Four Ways The I Phone 6 Could Beat The Galaxy S5 Within 2014 Blogs Richard Goodwin

Samsung picked an unacceptable year to scrimp on design changes. Here's four logic behind why Apple's upcoming i phone 6 could cleanup in 2014

Samsung picked an unacceptable year to scrimp on design changes. Here's four logic behind why Apple's upcoming i phone 6 could cleanup in 2014

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is here now and the judgement, depending on whom you talk to, isn't all in which great. It's an excellent improvement over final year's flagship, to be certain, but many - deservingly or wrongly - were expecting Additional from Samsung's fresh flagship. Most complaints felt levelled at Samsung certainly not doing anything within the design department, save for adding inside a new dimpled again panel, which is the understandable bone to pick given all the particular talk of how different the modern flagship was going to be from final year's all-too-similar-to-the-S3 device.

But talk can be cheap and Samsung enjoys making plastic devices.

My take on the S5 is as follows - it's bought very capable components, a great display and vastly improved imaging capabilities. In addition there are new features just like Ultra Power Conserving mode and Obtain Booster, which tend to be practical, useful add ons. The renewed give attention to health, however, is a moot point for me personally; I exercise but am not at all sold on using stuff like Nike's FuelBand or S-Health. Stuff similar to this just simply doesn't factor into my getting decision when taking a look at a new device.

What does factor into my getting decision, though, is design - and it's also here where Samsung, i think, has failed one of the most. Hardware, specs and killer features are no longer what they were in the past; things progressed rapidly for a few years - quicker processors, more MEMORY, HD panels, ever-improving connectivity - but are slowing down with a more predicable ebb and also flow. But one region where handset makers need to be constantly striving for innovation is layout.

Just look at what Nokia is doing.

And HTC.

2011 through to 2013 were great years for Samsung. It sold A great deal of phones, displacing the likes of Nokia, Apple and BlackBerry to become the world's most significant handset maker simply by volume, and this isn't prone to change too a lot in 2014, sometimes. HTC can't quit Samsung, and neither can Sony, Nokia, LG or even Google as an example. But the i phone 6 could, and also here's why...


Since 2007 Apple has released several iPhone variants. The iPhone 6 could be the eighth addition towards the company's line associated with smartphones and is considered the first associated with its kind for you to break Apple's 4-inch product. And that's great news for all anxious, because since 2007, Apple has only genuinely made two "significant" layout changes to their uber popular smart dataphone; the iPhone 4's chassis redesign and, with a lesser extent, the particular iPhone 5, using its larger display.

Really, it seems the particular iPhone 6 could be the one many happen to be waiting for - and not simply long-suffering Apple fans either. Android people, too, may be spirited to the site Apple's ecosystem, blinded simply by stark design changes, improved TouchID features and, of program, that larger display. I know I'm lured. Of course there are numerous other options past the iPhone 6 and also Galaxy S5 within 2014; handsets such as Sony Xperia Z2, the HTC M8 or perhaps things like the particular Moto G and also Nexus 5, along with Nokia's ever increasing type of excellent Windows Cell phones.

Noted analyst Sun Chyang Xu reported the iPhone 6 would certainly arrive both because both a 4. 7-inch model and also a 5. 7-inch edition. The Wall Street Journal in addition has similarly reported that you will see a 4. 5-inch model and also a larger edition of unspecified size. Further intelligence from China, citing Foxconn insiders, in addition points to the two 4. 7-inch and also 5. 7-inch types.

And while most of this is hearsay and also guess work, it is searching extremely likely that 2014 may be the year Apple smashes with convention and produces an increased iPhone. Prior to 2014 the particular company's decision to stay with 4in was simple to comprehend; larger-screened phones weren't typical. Nowadays they include the norm, so the bump to 4. 5-to-4. 7in seems inevitable.

The phablet-sized edition, however, is controversial. Either way - an increased iPhone means a tremendous re-design and this means this upcoming i phone (or iPhones) will look dramatically different as to the came before. It's going being like the iPhone 4 again. And that's great news for all anxious, in my e-book.

Should Apple add the suspected line of design changes it's rumoured to - the greater display, larger nevertheless thinner overall chassis, some new features or an expansion of existing versions - then besides will the Universe S5 seem all the more like an incremental update when compared, it'll likely lose a ton of floating customers for you to Apple while these loyal to Android will look to Sony, HTC and LG because of their flagship fix.


The iPhone 5s' digital camera, while only the 8MP setup, was one of the best point-and-shoot cameras we tested last year, delivering consistent, remarkable results with minimal fuss. With the i phone 6 we're prone to see incremental updates included in the sensor, imaging software along with perhaps, even, the addition of 4K online video recording capabilities, along with improvements to the particular 5s' Slow Action Video capture. Beyond this we're prone to see new features like OIS added and to be able to re-focus images following capture.

I know very well what you're thinking; the Galaxy S5 can do all of those things, and it runs on the 16MP sensor, double that of the iPhone 5s' iSight set up. And I admit in this particular respect the two handsets are likely to be very evenly printed. But that's what I pondered the iPhone 5s compared to the Galaxy S4 and also Galaxy Note 3 within 2013 and out of the three handsets the particular 5s, to my surprise, came up trumps. I'm not just a professional photographer, not really close, I'm reluctant, but this person - Austin Mann - can be, and he reckons the particular 5s' setup is completely sublime. He even used it to make professional shots he / she sold to publications.


Samsung proceeded to go and did the particular fingerprint scanner and also, in a bid to outdo Apple's TouchID, provides the service partnered along with PayPal and prepared to accept mobile expenses at launch, that is great because everything you can currently complete with TouchID isn't everything that impressive. But that's okay for the present time, the scanner onboard the 5s had been more a proof of concept than everything else, a means of having iPhone users accustomed to scanning their palms before making the particular technology more feature-rich, which Apple will probably inevitably do with the release of iOS 8 and also the iPhone 6.

So both will likely have payments attached to them, and the two are pretty secure, at least where we know. But here's the particular clincher - TouchID is faster plus more reliable (tap beats swipe every time), safer to setup and currently baked into Apple's mobile platform - that just needs opening. Also, millions of iPhone users already are using TouchID daily, meaning they're very likely to use it for payments once the service is opened up for transactions.

Samsung has opened up the SDK for the fingerprint scanner for you to developers, which, once more, is significant, the way it will see a lot of new uses added above the coming weeks and also months. But all the features on the planet cannot get about how clunkily the technology has been implemented. TouchID is a static sensor, requiring one particular tap, while Samsung's implementation runs on the motion sensor that will require the user for you to slide their finger above the Home button inside a similar fashion for you to how PC fingerprint scanners worked years ago, which, again, isn't precisely ideal or trustworthy. Multiple reports in the ground at MWC talk about journos already having issues with Samsung's finger wotsit.

If you're gonna build a house you would like solid foundations. It's been Apple's way of its mobile technology for some time. It did the particular iPod and iTunes primary, which paved just how for the i phone which, in switch, gave birth towards the iPad and the particular company's current 100 billion dollar 12 months business. Interestingly, Cook and the particular boys have applied a comparable modus operandi for you to how Apple ideas on tackling health aboard its iPhone handset with the M7 coprocessor, which debuted into the iPhone 5s.

The M7 coprocessor wasn't something useful at launch. It was mentioned, but it wasn't a huge deal. Since start, though, developers have been busying themselves harnessing the energy of the M7 coprocessor for all kinds of health and physical fitness applications. Here's a collection of all very reputable M7-enabed Fitness Applications. And it's not only app makers who definitely are using the M7 coprocessor, sometimes. All kinds associated with smart-accessories, from pedometers for you to fitness bands, now leverage the i phone 5s' always-on M7 co-processor. And the outcome of this can be choice - choice of which apps you have, choice of smartbands, and choice within how and everything you use the M7 for.

Samsung's approach is a little more bullish and focuses by itself hardware - stuff like the Gear In shape and Gear 3 smartwatch - along with its S-Health software to take full advantage of the S5's latent wellbeing tracking features. The hardware force is understandable the way it is where Samsung makes the majority of its dollar-dollar-bills-y'all. Even so the pitch here isn't quite as sensible, the way it requires S5 people, or at least those keen on doing the whole digital health thing, to spend money on different Samsung products for you to realise the S5's accurate potential.

Indeed the health aspect of the S5 and also the wearables that accompanied it were, perhaps, the biggest message Samsung found MWC with. But - as i pointed out inside my Galaxy S5 primary look - imagine if you're not interested in using your smartphone to accumulate data about your current workouts? Or imagine if you're not interested in wearables? All of a sudden a lot of the S5's new features and launch buddies begin to look superfluous, care I say... passe.

One day you may need to use you phone to be a fitness tracker, though - it may happen. And because of this , I prefer the particular approach Apple took using its M7 coprocessor - there's no emphasis on it and it doesn't insist on being used - it's just there if you ever want to start using it. Plus, if you start using that - which, you already know, could happen - there's an utter ton of programs and accessories already in existence capable of leveraging the M7 model.
Apple Got Video game?

In conclusion, I think just what we're seeing here's a difference in eye-sight, specifically long-term ideal planning. Apple's changes over a short time have quite clearly shown it's building an ecosystem of hardware and software having a plan. The company by no means does something without good reason.

Samsung has, until recently, been making several very sensible moves in terms of generating interest and sales for the products. But what's genuinely apparent from comprehending the Galaxy S5 launch is that this company largely has been riding on sensationalism, hitting on trends for the short-term result - provided that that has been working, it's all been one big delectable gravy train with the Korean manufacturer. But this time around it's a swing and also a miss, and this means the veneer is needs to crack - in which is Samsung choosing its product account? Where is the particular cohesion? Short of offering an array of Android devices which could link up, there really doesn't seem to be an underlying strategy or philosiphy presently there.

Plus, the specs war - which includes driven the mobile space forwards these past a long period - is all but over. Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC, Sony, LG and Google are all on a comparable footing - that doesn't matter when you have a Windows Mobile phone, an iPhone or an Android system. They're all lots powerful. What now number is what and how we go about doing things inside in which ecosystem. That's why wearables are trending and exactly why "the ecosystem" they will live in, along with their phone and supplement counterparts, is more important than ever - which can be, of course, exactly why Samsung is making Tizen.

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