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Foreclosure Fortunes Book Reveals Why Foreclosure Sale Opportunities Are On The Rise

Cash Flow Depot, a leading real estate investor training website, is pleased to announce its real estate book entitled Foreclosure Fortunes. The book is written by Jack Miller, and teaches how to make a fortune with the upcoming wave of foreclosures.

Foreclosure Fortunes is essentially a real estate book that teaches how to invest and make money with foreclosures. As a real estate investor training website, Cash Flow Depot recognizes the importance of teaching investors about foreclosure auctions and making money with it.

"There is real opportunity to make money with a foreclosure, as the houses are sold below market value", says Jackie Lange, general manager of Cash Flow Depot. "This is therefore one of the important things that real estate investors should learn. How to prepare for a foreclosure sale will be taught in the book as well as various before sale activities", Jackie further adds.

Jackie also states that the book starts by explaining why foreclosure sale opportunities are on the rise and then provides tips on where to get easy financing for marginal credits. The book discloses key information on checking out houses and estimating profits. "Many people are turning to real estate investing, and Foreclosure Fortunes is definitely one of the best books to read", Jackie enthuses.

The author Jack Miller is known as a "legend" in real estate investing. He is not only a book writer but is also a successful real estate investor for 45 years and counting. Aside from Foreclosure Fortunes, Jack has also written many other books that include Success Secrets, Winning in the 21st Century, Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer and many more. Jack is also behind the success of Cash Flow Depot and its many students.

Lori Lawson from Dallas, Texas finds the book "very informative and entertaining". "My favorite chapter is the one that says "Plan Your Work then Work Your Plan". It is definitely one of my favorite books to read on property investing, and it only retails at $6.95", says Lori.

Richard McLean who's also from Dallas, Texas says that he bought the book when it used to retail at $19.95. "This eBook is awesome and it sure has helped me a lot in property investing. I have no qualms even if the book is cheaper now as I have made a lot of money because of the strategies I learned from it", says Richard.

Foreclosure Fortunes offers information, tips and strategies with regards to a foreclosure. The book currently retails at $6.95 and can be found at the "Store" section of under eBook Products. Interested parties may also call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1881 for more information.

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