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Ford's Sales Chief Predicts Strong Demand For New Vehicles in the United States

Consumers are ready to trade-in aging vehicles for new fuel efficient cars.

Ford executives have been watching closely for signs that consumers are being affected by anxiety about raised taxes and the recession; however, they have found that this is not the case, which Terry's Ford of Peotone has seen at their dealership. The average car being driven by the American public is around eleven years old, which is the oldest it has ever been. Customers are also placing more importance on fuel economy and are being attracted by the added value many companies are offering with their newly redesigned vehicles.

American drivers are now placing more emphasis on fuel efficiency when considering purchasing a new vehicle. With rising fuel costs, consumers are doing the math and find purchasing a more fuel efficient vehicle is in their best interests.

One customer arrived at their Ford dealership in an eleven year old Ford Explorer that achieved only about 15 mpg. The driver replaced their car with a new 2013 Ford Explorer; with the help of its new turbo-charged Ecoboost engine, the SUV achieves an estimated 23 mpg while still providing all the utility the driver had enjoyed in their previous Explorer.

Consumers are also being attracted to the fresh new redesigns many vehicle manufacturers are putting out. Many brands are restyling their most popular vehicles such as mid-size cars and SUVs to be more stylish. These redesigns also included more of the latest technology features that help drivers such as parking assistance and navigation.

Demand for new vehicles is also greater due to many customers needing to replace vehicles damaged by Superstorm Sandy. Sales of light trucks are expected to rise by at least 12% compared to this time last year.

Contact Terry's Ford online via their website or by phone at (888) 832-3250 with any questions or to schedule a test drive. Come to Terry's Ford of Peotone to browse their selection of new, fuel efficient vehicles. The dealership is located at 363 S Harlem Ave in Peotone, IL and open six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

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