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Ford Dealers in Ludhiana: Widely Appreciated for Trustworthy Services

Ludhiana is one the biggest industrial district of Punjab. The major chunk of Ludhiana's economy rides on its industrial growth.

Ludhiana is one the biggest industrial district of Punjab. The major chunk of Ludhiana's economy rides on its industrial growth. It is the largest bicycle manufacturing city of whole Asia and fulfills around fifty percent of Indian cycle markets demand. It is also famous for its tractor and automobile parts manufacturing. For Indian market it manufactures around sixty percent of tractor parts. Woolen and T shirt manufacturing has also been a major contributor to Ludhiana's growth as it is known world over for its woolens. Agriculture and dairy also contribute a big part and together all these industries has made Ludhiana a major commercial hub. Ludhiana is also known for its lavish lifestyle. People of this city have been known to spend lavishly on their luxuries. Cars have been a something which has become more of a necessity for people here. Luxury Cars in Ludhiana are very common as they are taken as status symbol. Already Ludhiana is the city which leads Punjab in the number of cars.

As the automobile sector has already seen the potential of this city long ago, in current time you can find car dealers in Ludhiana Located in each and every major market of the city. Car dealers in Ludhiana have been providing some exceptional service to their customers due to high competition in the market. Ford has already established itself in the hearts of Punjab long before it came back to India as a car manufacturer. Ford tractor was once the most iconic tractors in Punjab. Ford has come a long way since then and has established itself country wide, with its footprints already in every major city of India.

Ford dealers In Ludhiana are continuing the legacy of Ford further, by providing an exceptional support and service to its customers. One just has to simply walk into any of the Ford showroom in Ludhiana and the dealers will help them further starting with help in choosing from the 23 different models and variants apart from the wide range of colors. Other services are providing test drives, explaining in detail about all features and functions, helping in getting the finance options from most of the leading bankers, getting car registered, auto insurance and delivery.

After sales service by Ford dealers in Ludhiana is very special as it is backed by the ever trusted Ford expertise with nothing to worry about the authenticity of parts. Also this exceptional after sales service remains unchanged across the country at all the ford service centers. Ford today offer cars in every segment be it a hatchback, sedan, Multi Utility Vehicle or a Sports Utility Vehicle. Also the price range is such they have a car available for each and every pocket. The very vibrant and advanced hatchback Ford Figo starts at Just 3.93 lakh and the Top End Model of Ford Endeavour is priced at Just 23.45 lakh. Ford dealers display the real meaning of customer service to their customers.

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