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For the Trucking Industry, Safety Awareness

Safety Awareness makes life safer for truck drivers, motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians when working with this product designed for the trucking industry.

When backing up, a truck driver has an enormous blind spot and can see only with the side rear-view mirrors. If a motorist, pedestrian, or cyclist is behind the rig, the driver cannot see or communicate with them. The Safety Awareness clearly communicates to those behind the rig, both visually and audibly with alarms, that the tractor-trailer is backing up and for them to exercise caution. The blinking caution lights on the trailer doors and a backup tone like that of delivery trucks and dump-trucks alert motorists and pedestrians that the semi rig is in reverse. The device can prevent accidents and make life safer for truck drivers, motorists, and pedestrians.

The Safety Awareness system uses both an audible tone backup alarm and two modes of visual flashing light alarms when the tractor is in reverse. The audible tone alarm device is either a ringing bell tone or a repeated beeping tone. The light signals are brightly flashing red light on the back of the trailer doors, with yellow lighted word "CAUTION" placed on both trailer doors near the top of the trailer, and the red light words "BACKING UP" placed at the mid-level on both trailer doors. The red lit words "BACKING UP" flash on and off while the truck is in reverse. Yellow flashing reverse lights are on each top side of the rear of the truck. There is a white light to the bumper array, which stays on for the duration of the reverse maneuver. Reverse spotlights are at the left rear corner of the trailer and at the right rear corner. These aid the driver in seeing while in reverse, as well as to caution others. Three cameras, one on each rear side and one in the middle for a clear back view, feed into the monitor inside the cab of the truck. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional interest in the Safety Awareness.

The Patent Pending Safety Awareness was invented by Alfonso Green of Bellflower, CA, who said, "A system such as Safety Awareness is long overdue and much needed. Relatively simple in concept and installation, the Safety Awareness equips trailers with the caution alarms, and equips tractors with the universal, interchangeable alteration of the existing wiring harness, so that hooking up the Safety Awareness from tractor to trailer is in a matter of moments."

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