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For Driving on Ice and Snow, The Sand Tracker

The Sand Tracker is the perfect accesory for driving on ice (or snow) because it easily and immediately places sand at a vehicle's wheels for traction without the driver having to leave the vehicle.

For those living in snow areas, driving can sometimes be hazardous and a real hassle. There may be times when just a little sand to give traction is needed. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to apply that sand under a vehicle's wheels whenever it is needed, and without getting out of a warm car? The Sand Tracker is an on-board, remotely operated sand-dispensing system designed to enable winter motorists to easily and immediately place sand in the path of their vehicles' drive wheels. This can achieve instant traction when driving on snow or ice. Controlled from the driver's seat, the Sand Tracker is an add-on, aftermarket automotive accessory system that can equip motor vehicles, from cars, vans, pickups and SUVs to tractor-trailers.

The Sand Tracker system has a pair of small sand-dispensing bins, which are positioned above and forward of a vehicle's drive wheels. The exact placement and mounting method(s) for the sand hoppers will vary according to the type of vehicle. The flow of sand from the hopper down through the releasing port or snout is controlled by a threaded, solenoid-activated push-rod which, when activated by an electrical switch controlled by the driver, functions to turn the push-rod, the terminal end of which rotates a pivoting hatch, cover, or stopper, thereby releasing the hopper's sand into the path of the tires. For power, the Sand Tracker system is wired into the vehicle's existing electrical harness. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest to the Sand Tracker.

The Patent Pending Sand Tracker was invented by John Depetris of Stroudsburg, PA, who said, "The Sand Tracker offers temporary assistance for use when in a pinch rather than continuous use. A motorist might use a short burst of sand from the Sand Tracker to slow a vehicle quickly where the brakes alone can result in a skid. The Sand Tracker can gain extra traction for climbing a slick, steep hill or driveway, or for getting out of an icy parking place or a snowed-in curb. It clearly can make the crucial difference between getting through a dicey patch and winding up stuck with no choice but to get out into the bitter cold and try to make the best of things. The Sand Tracker is easily maintained and requires only a sandbag or two to keep the hoppers topped-up through the winter season."

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