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Flower Power! Why Flowers Make Us Feel Good

There's more to our appreciation for flowers than we may realize! Studies have shown how the presence of flowers impacts our mood and overall well-being, which can result in some great health benefits.

'Stop and smell the roses.' It's amazing how taking just a moment to appreciate nature in all its beauty can change the way we feel. We have evolved in to a high-tech, fast-paced world, and as we continue in this direction we are looking for more healthy and natural ways to relieve ourselves from daily-life anxieties. Across cultures and throughout history flowers have been associated with happiness, healing and relaxation.

Flowers can spark emotion and bring feelings of joy. It's really no wonder that different kinds of flowers are associated with certain feelings. For example, a red rose is said to represent love, and a daisy can evoke a sense of innocence. Besides the visual beauty, the scent of flowers can be powerful. A smell can create feelings of happiness and bring about feelings of nostalgia. There is no comparison between the smell of a rose and today's chemically engineered fragrances!

Studies have shown that the presence of flowers can make us feel happy, grateful and compassionate while decreasing feelings of anxiety, depression and agitation. Receiving flowers creates feelings of excitement and enjoyment. At the same time, those giving the flowers can also experience these emotions. The giving and receiving of flowers can share personal messages and create intimate connections.

Experts have researched the effects of flowers and plants in the workplace, which resulted in increased productivity in terms of creativity and problem solving. Participants also reported that flowers in the workplace made the space more welcoming and peaceful. Research involving seniors has shown that flowers help ease depression, inspire social networking and even refresh memory! A small dose of nature can do wonders.

Natural methods of boosting our mood can lead us to live longer, happier, and healthier lives. If something as simple as a bunch of flowers can have such a positive impact, why not treat ourselves to a beautiful bouquet? It is suggested to place flowers in common areas of the home like the kitchen, dining room, family room and in the workplace. The presence of flowers reconnects us with nature, bringing us to the present moment, if just for a second. Do your own study and see what results some beautiful blooms can have on your state of mind!

For a fun, fresh and young bouquet, Flowers of the Field of Las Vegas can brighten your day with their signature rose and orchid combination. Call 702-263-3256 or visit to inquire about their custom creations.

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