Flixmedia Launches Shopper Insights and Optimisation Division

Flixmedia, the industry-leader in helping Retailers and Brands drive sales, launch their Shopper Insights Division and help Partners develop a deep understanding of their Shopper's behaviour and advise on actionable strategies to optimize conversion

Flixmedia have hired ex-Digitas and Wunderman Executive, Navin Rajaram to lead the global Team.

Rajaram commented; 'Flixmedia is in a unique position in the market to help Brands and Retailers understand how their Shoppers behave, to identify and respond to shoppers' key considerations in product selection and to recommend actionable strategies that materially impact purchase behavior and revenue outcomes.

The close relationship Flixmedia has with Brands and Retailers enables us to collect and analyse massive amounts of granular Shopper data across the online retail space and turn them into unique targeted insights, tools and advice."

Flixmedia is already advising some of the biggest Brands and Retailers worldwide, most recently with Tesco, the world's third largest retailer.

Aaron Lee, Technology Category Manager at Tesco PLC commented; "We are extremely pleased with the SIO work that Flixmedia has done for Tesco. The quality of the research and the clarity of the insights are helping us to shape both our marketing strategy and our product strategy. We look forward to working with Flixmedia again in the very near future."

The Flixmedia SIO Team offers two tiers of services - "Tactical Services" that includes infographics, heat & click maps, benchmarking and multivariate testing, and "Strategic Services" which deliver rich insights based on deeper brand, category and campaign analysis, as well as advanced analytics solutions including advanced segmentation and propensity modeling.

Scott Lester, CEO Flixmedia added; 'Our Shopper Insights Division represents a multi-million dollar commitment to ensure our Brands and Retailers have access to a world-class Shopper Insights team 'on tap'. There is no middle ground or short cuts in deploying a world class Shopper Insights technical architecture and team, you have to commit 100%. That's what Flix has done. Our approach starts with clarity on the questions that need to be answered and then work backwards with the Shopper Insights data to answer them.

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