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Flight Major Launches Australian Site for Discounted Luxury Airfare

Flight Major discounted airfare company operates through the Cheap Business Class Tickets website and has recently opened a new branch in Australia.

Flight Major discounted airfare company operates through the Cheap Business Class Tickets website and has recently opened a new branch in Australia. Thus, it is facilitating the sale of flight tickets which include destinations like Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria, Perth, Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, as well as their connections in the USA, Asia and Europe.

Travelers can book their long haul flights with ease through CheapBusinessClassTickets.com.au, without having to make any compromise in terms of route, service or quality. They can perform a ticket search based on the exact route they are interested in. Moreover, through these business class tickets they will enjoy all the known benefits of luxury travel.

With prices for airline tickets rising every year, it has become increasingly difficult to arrange a good, comfortable flights at decent prices. Yet, airlines issue diverse strategies in order to not lose any more clients. One such strategy is signing exclusive airfare contracts with specific companies. Such is the case with Flight Major, which now offers important discounts on business class flight tickets.

CheapBusinessClassTickets.com.au advises to plan one's bookings ahead of time in order to obtain the best price. Most travelers only make their bookings close to their departure moment and thus get high priced airfare. The sooner a flight is booked with Flight Major, the less the customer will pay. The company advertizes its offers as "ultra discounted fares", obtained through its aforementioned exclusive contracts and through Insider Consolidator Deals.

Behind the website there is a team of professional travel agents to handle every request and answer the questions of customers. Any user can look for custom-tailored itineraries and will have their unique travel needs catered to, thanks to a very flexible service. The helpline is available 24/7. Assistance is provided not only before, but also during and after the trip.

Business class flights ensure less time spent at airport queues, more time for resting, better on-board and ground facilities, superior food and drinks selection and much more. Any passenger booking through this website is entitled to all of these benefits. The flights can be booked with top international carriers.

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CheapBusinessClassTickets.com.au represents Flight Major's extension to the Australian Market. The company offers business class flight discounts up to 80%, personalized customer service and accommodates any itinerary. To have access cheaper business class airfare, go to http://cheapbusinessclasstickets.com.au/

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