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Flexi-Timings At Teknowledge Software From March

In keeping with its dynamic way of operations, Teknowledge Software will be implementing flexi-timings at office from next month. The new policy is expected raise the average productivity and efficiency of the app developers at the company.

In a bid to raise the productivity and motivation levels of its employees, Teknowledge Mobile Studio has announced that it would be offering flexible office timings. The new timings would come in effect from March, and are likely to add to the convenience of the workers considerably.

Till date, the mobile app development company had been following a general 9:30 am to 7:00 pm office time, with alternate Saturdays off for the confirmed employees. With the flexi-timing plan, the in-house app developers, programmers and backend stuff would have the option of logging in at their workstations at any time during the first half of a weekday - according to their conveniences. The only stipulation will be, a minimum of nine and a half hours (with an hour of recess in between) have to be spent at the office.

With the flexi-timing schedule, Teknowledge Software would also be doing away with its overtime compensation policy - at least to a large extent. To meet project deadlines and attend client calls, many professionals from this reputed Android and iPhone application development company had been staying back till as late as 8:30 pm - and keeping track of such random work hours was becoming rather difficult for the HR and admin officials. From the first week of March, people will only have to punch in their cards when they get in, and punch out when they leave office - the timings would automatically get recorded.

Like any top-billed mobile application designing company in India, Teknowledge appreciates and encourages professionalism and punctuality on the part of its employees. According to a senior official of the organization, greater emphasis would be placed from now on, to encourage the workers to finish off their assigned tasks within the scheduled office hours. The office would remain open till 9:00 pm - but employees do not need to stay on that late, unless absolutely necessary.

The concept of 'compensatory holidays' would also come into the HR policies of Teknowledge Software, from the next month. During any week, if an individual app developer or a team is assigned the responsibility of completing a project within a tight schedule - they would be requested to come to office on the concerned Saturday (even if it is their scheduled day off). As a compensation, the employee/team can take any day during the next couple of weeks off - without that being deducted from their leave accounts, or any monetary deductions being done.

Once the flexi-timings are in effect, those up top at Teknowledge Software would be extra-careful about any laxness creeping into the overall work-culture of the organization. Employees who flout the minimum number of office-hours rule multiple times during a month would be cautioned, and further offences might even lead to a show-cause. The flexible office timings would be meant to help the workers perform better - and not to allow them take advantage of it!

In addition, a cutting-edge new software would soon be installed at the workstations of each personnel at Teknowledge. The application would be generating daily reports on the number of hours that the employees spend on work that is actually productive. Web browsing for personal purposes (including personal mail checks and Facebook log-ins) will have to be done during the recess period - and the timings for that too have to be updated on the software. Once ready, the professionals at the company would be provided the necessary training.

Teknowledge Mobile Studio has emerged as a benchmark company in the field of iPhone application development in India. The new flexi-timing plan would strengthen its stance as a great place to work at too.

For more information about this mobile app company, head to http://teks.co.in. Dial (033)40649087 to have a chat with a representative of the firm. If you have a query, you can get in touch via email as well (info@teks.co.in). Teknowledge cares for its employees' welfare, and the plan to follow convenient, flexible work-hours is yet another proof of that!

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