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Fleet Software Comm.fleet: Effective Cost Control For Fleet Managers

Relief for fleet managers: identify the cost drivers of the company and take appropriate actions with the fleet management software comm.fleet

The adoption of a multifunctional controlling system is an indispensable prerequisite for an effective and systematic management of all company fleet costs. Be it a question of planning enhancement and control, budgeting coordination or the execution and analysis of a target-performance comparison with the purpose of a perfect fleet administration, a fleet management software plays a fundamental role in the establishment of an efficient and company-wide controlling system.

The fleet management software comm.fleet - - is able to support and implement all business processes related to the fleet administration and has been developed on the basis of more than 20 years of practical experience. comm.fleet is an intuitive, modular and modern software system which supports and enables the optimal management of the whole company fleet, independently of its size and type.

comm.fleet provides an extensive collection of standard reports especially suited for fleet administration and controlling, and allows for the free personalization and definition of additional reports. Moreover, comm.fleet reports can be automatically delivered by e-mail, exported in all usual formats such as Excel or PDF, and integrated into external processing tools like MS Office or SAP.

Furthermore, comm.fleet offers state of the art cost controlling functionalities which enable the customer to analyze and optimize all their vehicles, cost types and cost centers, time periods or locations as well as sub-fleets at the touch of a button. Additionally, comm.fleet integrates a thorough form collection for fleet-related drafts and documents, including e.g. repair orders, damage reports, correspondence and records of delivery. Thanks to its native support for foreign currencies and additional languages, comm.fleet can be optimally deployed in international and multi-client scenarios. comm.fleet is currently available in German, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese, and additional languages can be easily implemented on-demand.

The fleet management software comm.fleet is part of the comm.fleet product line, which consists of the following mutually compatible software applications:

- comm.fleet for fleet management,
- comm.object for leasing management,
- comm.object for object management and
- comm.gps for vehicle and object tracking.

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