Fjords and Ekornes Are Furniture Brands Everyone Should Have in Their Home

Some of the most popular names on the international luxury furniture market are Fjords and Ekornes.

Some of the most popular names on the international luxury furniture market are Fjords and Ekornes. These two Norwegian companies have redefined comfort and functionality with their innovative chairs and recliners. The furniture they produce is often named ‘healthy furniture’ because of the comfort and support it brings, but also because of the environmental policies the companies apply.
Established in 1934, Ekornes is the leading furniture manufacturer in Norway and one of the top players on the luxury furniture market in the world. It took 80 years of hard work and dedication to achieve this goal. Nowadays many people buy Ekornes furniture because it’s very comfortable. Ever since the beginning, the aim of the Norwegians was to create furniture that would be perfectly fitted for the human body. They used ergonomics in the design and creation process of their products so that they could deliver furniture which would support the body adequately. In time, the Norwegians at Ekornes invented several different systems that delivered better comfort for the users. Take the gliding system for example: this allows the user to move freely, which the recliner will adapt to the movements of the person. One main concern of the company designers was to eliminate back and neck pains, which are a common problem with ordinary chairs and furniture. They did this by adding extra support technology for the lumbar area and by putting head tilts on some of their recliner models. Nowadays, you can read, watch TV or even take a nap in one of their recliners – they’re perfectly comfortable and can adapt to your body shape and movements.

Another leading manufacturer for luxury recliners is Hjellegjerde. You may know the company because of its line of luxury recliners named Fjords. The company started out as a small family business in 1941, but it rapidly developed into an important international player. Currently, Fjords furniture is sold with great success on three continents. The geographical characteristics of Norway are the inspiration for this furniture. Fjords products never lack innovation, elegance, class or style. They fit any modern interior and they are extremely comfortable. Just like with the other Norwegian company we mentioned, the main focus of the designers is to deliver high-quality furniture which can improve your personal comfort. The line of recliners Hjellegjerde is famous for is design to relieve pain and stress. The reclined position takes the weight off the spinal cord and redistributes it so as to relieve tension. This relaxes the lower back muscles and thus the whole body feels lighter. Even if you’ll sit for a whole day in such a recliner, you won’t feel any pains or aches; the furniture provided by this company is intended to minimize discomfort and induce a relaxed state of being.

We all could use a recliner every once in a while. It’s not a cheap investment, we must say that, but it is one worth the money. After all, investing in a comfortable set of chairs or a comfy recliner means investing in your health.

If you want luxury furniture, Fjords or Ekornes are your finest choices.

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