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Five Sharp Looks For Valentine's Day

Make the right impression this Valentine's Day and increase your chances of success.

With Valentine's Day just over a week away, those of you making plans for the special occasion will have a lot of things to discover. Whilst most of the concentration will be placed upon the partner, it is important to take yourself into consideration as well. One thing that both parties can enjoy and benefit from is a fresh new haircut. Here are a few ideas that your Barber can treat you to this coming week.

The Shaved Sides Quiff

A slight quiff with short sides is both smart and stylish; perfect for a young professional with an active social life. The look is particularly fetching for those with rounded faces as it can serve to add length and definition. The shaved sides and longer top allows for a variety of different experiences for your partner when running their fingers through your hair.

The Messed-Up Look

If your partner is attracted those with a devil-may-care attitude and a hint of danger then maybe adopt the messed-up look. A designer barber will be able to manage your hair so it appears messy but is simple to manage. Harness the spirit of Julian Casablancas and reveal your inner rock god.

The Side Parting

A staple of 1930s Britain, the neat side-parting spent a long time out of fashion until it came roaring back in the past couple of years. The likes of Scott Parker and Joey Essex have brought the cut back into the limelight. Neatness is the major factor of this hair style so may require regular trips to the Barber to ensure that the shape is retained throughout.

Shaved Head

The simple do-it-yourself shaved head look can attract those who like a bad boy. Short, shaved hair can entice people into running their hands over your head for an unusual sensation. Although it may be prudent for somebody hoping to achieve this look to go to their barber to ensure that they do not miss a spot whilst shaving it in the mirror.

The Bieber

If your partner has got a taste for younger-looking men, then it may be time to adopt the Bieber look. Your hair will need to be quite thick and luxurious in order to comprehensively achieve this look. Sweep the hair across your forehead and your partner will be mistaking you for a Canadian pop prince.

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