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Five Organization Ideas for Your Home Laundry Room

The laundry room is one of those rooms in the house that seems to gather all sorts of odds and pieces.

The laundry room is one of those rooms in the house that seems to gather all sorts of odds and pieces. In addition to a large washer and dryer, the laundry area is often a room for storing cleaning products (mops and brooms especially), shoes, and even gardening tools. Just because your laundry room is multi-purpose, there's no need for it to be cluttered. In fact, the following 4Tips may assist you to tackle the daunting chore of laundry area organization.

Invest in Wall Racks

As you may have noticed, there's only so much space on the floor of your laundry room. Some people don't even have a laundry room, but an area in the garage! What do you do if this is you? You should buy a wall rack that sturdily mounts on the wall. Wall racks are especially convenient if you have objects that are used frequently and need to be put in a high-visibility area. Brooms, mops, and dustpans are some of the first things that can go on a wall rack, followed by gardening tools and even golf clubs. Having a wall rack in your laundry area will assist you keep your everyday tools off the floor

Make Storage "Kits"

One thing that is essential to organization is putting similar products together. This is particularly important in a laundry area. In addition to buying storage containers (either clear or color-coded), think of the products in your laundry room as clusters. For the laundry itself, you can set up various "kits" for various tasks. A stain removal kit, for instance, will contain a stain-removing pen, baking soda, a small brush, or other common chemicals you use to take away certain stains. For treating white and delicate fabrics, you can keep your bleach and sensitive-fabric cleaners in another container.

Create a Laundry and Cleaning Shelf

When it comes to a tight laundry area, a shelf can be a invaluable. However, having a shelf doesn't mean that you should put whatever you want on top of it. If your laundry room also has cleaning products and gardening tools, at least two tall purpose built shelves. Your shelves should store your "kits" and one shelf should be dedicated exclusively to laundry. It is here that you will put your hangers, iron, ironing board, detergent, etc. If you absolutely cannot put shelves in your laundry area, try either mounting them on the wall of the garage or separating each shelves for each category of items. Storage boxes may be another alternative.

Create a Drying Bar

A drying bar in your laundry area creates an easy solution for garments that are too delicate for the dryer. Not just that, but a drying bar offers you an organized alternative to leaving slightly damp clothes all over furniture: you can just hang them up on the drying bar using hangers.

The last and most important tip to organize any laundry room is simply to be methodical about putting things back in their spot, and when stuff gets even a little messy, sort them immediately. This will save you time and frustration in the long run.

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