Fitsby, An App That Motivates You to Go to The Gym, Has Officially Launched For Android!

Fitsby, a free mobile app that helps people stay motivated to hit the gym, is now available for Android devices to download from the Google Play Store.

Fitsby Inc. officially launched their Android app onto the Google Play Store on New Year's Day 2013. With Fitsby, anyone can challenge their friends and compete with them in a game of gym check-ins. Users are given the option of putting money on the line or playing games just for fun. The top gym goers of a game are the winners and split the money from their friends who didn't work out as much as they did. Fitsby utilizes the user's smartphone GPS to verify that the user is at a verified gym. In order to successfully check out, a user must work out for at least 30 minutes. The free Android app is now available to be downloaded at More information is also available at

The founders, Kevin Yun, Daniel Gaeta, and Brent Hronik, started Fitsby not only because all three of them were big into fitness, but because they saw a huge problem with gym motivation. According to, 67% of people who hold gym memberships never go to the gym. Fitsby Inc does not consider their app to be just another fitness and health app. The objective is to make the whole gym going experience more fun by using social competition through friends and money as a financial incentive.

"We started off Fitsby as an online social network. We quickly found out that not many people had a need for this. We then started to talk to many people at the gym and kept hearing how hard workout motivation was for them. That's when we decided to tackle this problem."

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