Fitness Blog Shows The Proper Way To Perform The Deadlift

The deadlift is one of the most well-known lifts in all of bodybuilding. WorkoutHealthy shows fitness enthusiasts how to perform this specific exercise correctly without risking injury.

A new step-by-step article at the popular fitness website WorkoutHealthy is available which teaches both beginning and experienced weight lifters how to complete a deadlift properly. WorkoutHealthy has been providing useful tips and advice concerning the best ways to exercise and stay fit for several years now. The physical fitness articles are written by professionals who know what the correct approach is to lose fat while building muscle mass. This particular article, like the bulk of the advice provided at the website, is accurate and teaches the basics of what is required to complete the deadlift.

Fitness instructor Jordann Campose guides the reader through the deadlift, a favorite exercise for bodybuilders. The steps are fairly straightforward, but there are nuances to be learned which ensures maximum effectiveness of the routine as well as prevents problems from occurring. In order to teach the reader better how to complete the lift, a video tutorial is also provided through the site. This particular lift targets numerous muscles throughout the body, making it an excellent choice to fit into a workout routine. Since it also challenges the person exercising, as people generally try to move up in weight over time, they can set goals to reach which provides further motivation to keep working hard. After all, competing against oneself often helps to maintain interest.

As with the majority of content written at WorkoutHealthy, this particular article on the deadlift includes all the information that beginners need in order to start on their own and stay safe. As Thomas, a fitness instructor from Vancouver said, "the advice provided is sound and to the point. I provide my clients with print outs of the article before they move on to the deadlift." For more information or to read the article for yourself, visit the blog at

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