Fitness Blog Extols the Benefits of a Protein Filled Diet

Protein is such a vital part of our body that we must consume healthy amounts of it in our diet in order to maintain health and happiness. WorkoutHealthy examines the many benefits of a protein rich diet, as well as which sources of it are the best.

WorkoutHealthy continues to be an internet leader in providing advanced fitness information for exercise and personal health enthusiasts. As part of the site's continued mission to promote good health across the internet, professional fitness experts weigh in on various health-related topics, including dieting and exercise routines. In this particular article, AFLCA certified personal trainer Shannon Clark explains in detail why a protein diet is essential to the well-being of the body and which natural sources should be utilized to ensure enough is consumed each day.

Protein is an excellent energy source, as it is a fundamental building block of our bodies. The muscle tissues which allow for us to move and run are principally composed of protein. As such, it is very important to maintain consumption levels throughout one's life, especially during times when a person seeks to lose weight through dieting. By allowing for a correct amount of protein to be digested each day, a person can lose fat without also losing muscle mass. While high fat foods such as rich meats are an excellent source, it is the lean sources such as fish and chicken that both dieters and everyone else should focus on eating the most.

As far as diet tips go, the protein diet can't be beat. The reason for this is a simple one: it is a diet which is based on real science and knowledge of how the body functions. That is why so many experts agree that protein foods must be incorporated into all healthy diets. As Sharon, a personal trainer for Boise wrote, "protein allows for people to feel more satisfied after eating while also boosting energy levels." Because of this, these types of foods can be used to not only lose weight but to also maintain muscle mass for those who exercise regularly. To learn more about the benefits of high protein foods, visit the WorkoutHealthy blog at

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