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First-time Amdavadi Author's Semi-fictional Book My Two Worlds Released

Rawat MediaWorks (Rawat Media Private Limited) today released Dilip V. Subhedar's semi-fictional book "My Two Worlds." Meant for readers of all ages, the book will have another release at the Rotary club soon.

Rawat MediaWorks today launched an entertaining new book "My Two Worlds" in Ahmedabad.

Authored by first-time author Dilip V. Subhedar, the book is born out of a successful blog, Reliving 62. It is a semi-fictional account of the world that we live in. It recollects not only the memories along the worldly journey, but also uses vivid imagery of a life that exists alongside ours.

"I have been writing stories since my school days. That habit of casual writing continued during my education and professional journeys in Maharashtra, the United States and Gujarat. But it was never a serious affair. I indulged in serious writing only after I retired," said the author at the time of the launch.

A healthy book of 292 pages (excluding cover), "My Two Worlds" is presented in an international standard size of 148mm x 210mm and is printed on a robust 90gsm paper. It is available on request to Rawat MediaWorks and also at select bookstores across India.

More information is carried on Facebook page, (at the rate)my2worlds.

About the author:

After completing his B.E. and M.E. in Electronics from College of Engineering, Pune, Dilip V. Subhedar joined Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad, in 1973 and worked there for about 40 years. He considers his association with Anuradha Cosmic Ray Payload on NASA's Space Shuttle in 1985 and X-ray payload on India's first Moon Mission, Chandrayaan-1, in 2008 as his major milestones in my life.

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