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First Car Rental's Top 10 Valentines Gifts for Men - The Perfect Guide to Inspiring Love for the Man in Your Life

Wondering what Valentine's gift to get for the man in your life? First Car Rental has put together a list of the top 10 'out of the box' Valentines gifts for men. Read more.

Valentine's Day is back and people all over the world are looking for great ways to express love. Valentine's Gifts are, of course, one of the best ways to woo and win over that special someone and women are spoilt for choice this season.

Gifts for men, on the other hand, are a bit tricky, because, unlike women, men hardly offer pointers on what they really want! First Car Rental has decided to help you with your Valentine's gifts this year and has put together a list of some 'out of the box' Valentine's Day gift ideas for men.

1. Quad Biking
Boys will be boys and giving them a day with a powerful, fast machine, is definitely going to put a smile on their face. A great gift for men who love adventure sports, quad biking on Valentine's Day is a rather untraditional way to express your love, but it does the trick!

2. Cooking Class
From the super adventurous to the super sexy, men who can cook are every woman's dream come true and if your partner shows some serious talent in the kitchen, sending him on a professional cooking class could be a great gift for him on Valentine's Day. It could also prove to be beneficial in the future, especially when you are craving a delicious home cooked meal, made by anyone but yourself!

3. Relaxing Massage
If your partner is someone who doesn't know the joy of a good massage, then this will be one of the best gifts for him. If you want to make this a gift for the both of you, book a couple's massage.

4. Helicopter Ride
An adrenaline rush is always a good thing on Valentine's Day, and the one you can get from a helicopter ride is going to make this day unforgettable. The birds-eye view of the majestic mountains and the bragging rights your partner can enjoy are certainly worth your time and money this Valentine's Day.

5. Beer Tasting
Who would say 'no' to spending a day sipping on some terrific beers? A beer tasting tour could be a great Valentine's gift for men! There are some amazing breweries all over South Africa that offer guided beer tasting tours.

6. Horseback Safaris
A horseback ride on the beach can be a great Valentine's Day gift for your partner and you. A horse ride on the beach isn't just romantic, it's picture perfect, which means it works out perfectly for women who love those 'Hallmark card' moments! You can also enjoy riding in a game reserve alongside a number of non-dangerous animals like giraffes, zebras and red hartebeests.

7. Golf
A little more sporting action on Valentine's Day could spell success when looking for the perfect gift for men. So, take you partner to the amazing golf courses in the Northern Cape. Characterised by arid plains and rocky outcrops, the Northern Cape offers every golfer a unique experience.

8. A Day at Sun City
For awesome entertainment, delicious food and the perfect atmosphere for some Valentine's Day loving, gift your partner a day at the amazing Sun City Resort and Casino. This unique resort offers an abundance of activities and is the perfect place to indulge.

9. Moholoholo Rehab Centre
This may be a completely 'un-Valentine's Day' kind of gift, but who wants to stick to the norm anyway? Spending a day at a centre that facilitates rehabilitation and care of abandoned and injured wildlife can be great way to share love with the beautiful creatures in our world. If your partner is someone who loves animals, this could be a great gift for him.

10. Romantic Getaway
For the last item on our list, we are sticking to the basics. A romantic getaway where you can turn off your mobile phones and just spend some quality time with each other is, of course, one of the best ways to spend Valentine's Day. The Stone Ridge Guesthouse that's nestled on the hills of Gariep Dam and overlooks the beautiful valleys of the Bo-Karoo, could be a great getaway destination this Valentine's Day.

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