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Finest Healthcare and Diamonds from Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta!

In this short web-article, highlighted are lavish services of Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta to Indian and global people, which are related with medical & healthcare and diamonds.

For superlative and leniently charged services in the medical treatments and healthcare, prabodh kirtilal mehta of India, is now an internationally reputed name. And, as far as premium quality gems and diamonds are concerned, this brilliant and discerning personality is well-eminent in countries worldwide. Moreover, in the sphere of social services, he has been sponsoring and promoting diverse developmental and welfare activities from time to time, in Maharashtra and other States of India, and also in Belgium. Consequently, decent and benevolent prabodh kirtilal mehta is one of the highly eminent and prestigious personalities of India, adorned with worldwide prominence.

His well-equipped and internationally admired Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre [LHRC] of Mumbai is the main institution for offering impeccable medical treatments and other healthcare services to Indian and global patients and medical tourists. In the years 2012 and 2013, this LHRC has been recognized as the best multidisciplinary private hospital in India, by the percipient judges of the India healthcare Awards in the mentioned years. Almost all sorts of diseases, disorders, maladies, fractures and breakages, and illnesses, related with the entire body and the mind, are treated expertly using the latest technologies and equipments of medical sciences and therapies, by this LHRC.

On the other hand, the businesses of gems and diamonds of his Mehta Group are booming in countries worldwide. All famous and popular categories of precious stones and diamonds are supplied by the companies of this Mehta group to gem-lovers of the world over. These companies are located in Surat and Mumbai of India, Belgium, Dubai, and other locations. His first-class, highly fashionable, and alluringly aesthetic gems and diamonds are especially hugely popular in India, USA, UK, Belgium and many other countries of Europe, UAE, Hong Kong, and Israel. Superior quality, long durability, high aesthetics, reasonable prices, the best possible satisfaction of customers, and right and generous business policies are creditable for these roaring businesses of Mehta group.

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Prabodh Mehta Lilavati Hospital
Prabodh Mehta Lilavati Hospital
Prabodh Mehta Lilavati Hospital
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