FindYourFate Reveals The Secret Treasures Of 'Summer Solstice' - The Longest Day Of The Year

Summer Solstice day in June 21, 2014 Solstice tells about our relationship here on earth and the Sun in particular

Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year for those in the Northern hemisphere is round the corner. It's a magical time - a time to turn a new page and move on into the summer season. This is the ideal time to go for outdoor activities. Nature would be in full bloom and will offer a wide range of possibilities. From this day the days shall get shorter and the nights shall grow. On the summer solstice day, the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Cancer. And this calls for all of us to come out of our crabby shells and venture out in the open. Equinoxes and solstices mark the beginning of the various seasons that we go through.

"The Sun's travel into the house of Cancer is very significant. The Cancer is considered as a very emotional zodiac sign. With this transition of Sun, home and its needs come to the fore, home being under the ruler ship of Cancer. There would be frequent mood changes in our lives. Relationships shall get a little bit tricky for this season. Better communication would be the key to survival during this period. Do vent your emotions out. Do not hold them back." - predicts Nimmi, the senior Analyst of renowned divinity portal,

"Summer solstice calls for some fun in the Sun. Solstice tells about our relationship here on earth and the Sun in particular. This longest day of the year opens us out to deeper insights. It helps us to realize the reason behind our very existence and holds the wishes that we have within ourselves. Summer solstice is a major turning point in both the astronomical and astrological calendars that are in vogue." - she adds further.

On Summer Solstice day in June 21, 2014 the Sun is at 0 degree, Venus is at 3 degree, Mars at 3 degrees, and Mercury at 19 degrees Cancer. Moon, Neptune and Uranus would be in Aquarius another watery sign. Aquarius, being a humanitarian sign, calls for volunteering, charity and other social works towards the welfare of mankind as a whole. The above mentioned pile up of a host of planets in the house of Cancer calls for greater attention on Summer Solstice.

Nimmi, from the team of explains this phenomenon, - "Solstice means standstill. This year the Solstice period lasts for about three days, during which the Sun appears to be at standstill where it rises and sets. When you look at the horizon, the Sun appears to rise and set in the same place, instead of slightly to the right or left of where it rose or set on the previous day. Being the longest day or the year, it would be a day of socializing, so it's a great time for meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends, and having fun."

Traditionally the Summer Solstice is the time of marriage, occurring at the juncture between the signs of Gemini which rules soul mates and Cancer ruling family. People across the world celebrate the shortest night of the year with drumming, parties, singing, and dancing. They throng the Stonehenge which is found in Southern England to watch the sunrise as the stones there are aligned perfectly with the Solstice sunrise.

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